I'm Back.

Didn't Brittany Spears totally say that once? I'm pretty sure she used the female pronoun for dogs shortly after, but I can't really remember, seeing as how she wasn't in the most sound mind circa 2007. Don't get me wrong...I've had my share of meltdowns, but I haven't yet gotten to the #bashacarwindowwithaumbrellathenshavemyheadlikealunatic situation.

Is there an award for the longest hashtag ever? 

There sure as hell should be. That's for sure. 

Anytick, My kids have started getting into organized sports. Which is a pretty tough thing for someone as unorganized as myself. This week we felt like spending a ton of money on something that our kids won't remember, so we decided to sign them up for a soccer camp with real live British soccer guys. It took some coercing, but the first time we heard the Brits say "Squosh the TOM-AH-TOES" instead of trapping the ball, well, we were sold.

Because hello... accents.

Unfortunately, I'm sad to report that NONE of the instructors look like David Beckham, Jude Law or Prince Harry (lucky for my husband) more like if Ed Sheeren was ten. Is it just me or is everyone looking unusually young?! Oh well, the accents totally make up for everything. Even my hubs swooned.

But the HANDS DOWN cutest thing I've ever seen,  was my Elliot, struggling to keep up with the 5 year olds (he's 3) and lighting up like a Christmas Tree when he got the "star of the day" award. That middle boy, he sure smiles with his whole face. I love that spirit in that tiny fireball and someday he will finally grow and be a fantastic athlete, because he tries and succeeds in keeping up with the big kids now. I think that's what they call grit and determination? I'm not sure, I'm pretty un-athletic myself. Either way, it would make a great beginning to an ESPN 30 for 30 movie. Or at least a Netflix documentary or something.

Speaking of athletic, Theo has come so far from waving and yelling "high mom" every time he passes the bleachers (mind you is about 1000 times) and now is super serious about sports. He assured me that he wants to play professional soccer and be a news reporter. So it looks like we may have a few more passes by the bleachers in our future. Although I do get a little giddy when he acknowledges me in public as those days will soon be over. But I'm not like other mom's...I'm a cool mom. 

Oh and if you're wondering who has two thumbs and does NOT fit in at Dick's Sporting Goods it's this girl. I mean, I own yoga pants, but that's about as far as it goes. All of the Under Armour, and Nike T-shirts with the Haikus' about living to run, just look weird on me. Don't get me wrong, I love the style and even browsed because as a Dance Teacher I wear somewhatofa "athletic" motif, but I'm afraid that if I wear anything that could even remotely suggest that I like running or even walking at a brisk pace,  that I'll find myself in some socially pressured running situation (See: making new friends in a new city and slightly exaggerating my strengths and hobbies) and dissolve into an embarrassing puddle of dry heaves.

So I'll just stick to my leggings, v-necks and flip flops, because no outfit says "I don't enjoy running" more than a V-neck (see: Boobs) and flip flops (see: twisted ankles). Note: This outfit also speaks volumes to how unmotivated I am to look nice, and sometimes the stains really bring the "I'm a mom slash human napkin" look all together.

Eat that "what not to wear". My outfit says things. Not good things, but you all get the idea.

Rats, maybe I do need professional style help.

But I'm a cool mom...

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