In the Rain.

Welp, here in good ole' Ohio it's been nothing but rain for quite a bit. It's quite maddening really, seeing as how we were just finally able to start to jump in a freaking swimming pool without convulsing. 

Also, I've started freckling up real good, so that means that the sunburn  days are near. Screw you tan folk. I mean, I know that I burn through car windows and peel a fine white color right after said sunburn, but dammit I can love the sun as much as the next person right? 

Please don't share this with my dermatologist...

Speaking of doctors, why is it that we parents neglect our own health care? Is it because of money? Or laziness? Or is it because the odds of someone putting a germ ridden sign in pen in their mouth,  resulting in an entire night of barfing and no sleep for momma,  too high? Either way, I don't take the gamble. Because barfing + more laundry= no sleep, and I'm sorry, no strep  throat or gallbladder issues are that important...besides, theres essential oils and Pinterest for those things. Thank gosh for the internet, what did people do before it! 

As you can see, there seems to be a lull in the old blog here. Partially because my children suck all of my energy like parasites (I'm typing that with the most love possible. I mean it.) and partially because I'm working on SO MANY THINGS (isn't that what we all say to keep from saying what we are really doing) and frankly, I just don't have the time. BUT I ain't giving' up on this place because 1)It's mine. 2) Because if Rick Astley wasn't going to give anything up neither am I. and 3) Because I REFUSE to give my arch-nemisis my blog domain (yes I'm talking to you motocross rider Jesse Laine, that I've never met) because we can all have our little corner of the internet and hold hands and sing kumbyya. 

Speaking of Kumbyya and other awesomely camp-y things, you all probably know that I help out with Camp Throwback. It keeps me super busy, too busy to in fact, update my Camp Throwback button on my sidebar, and it's totally fun. CNN said so too today. So that was neat. But let's not get it twisted. They mentioned other camps, and the video at the top, while it's totally rad...is not our camp. So that was confusing for almost everyone. Myself included. Trust me though, ours is way better.

And I NEVER know how to end these things. so I'll just do it.

 Over and out. 


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