Minnie Sue Newborn Photos {Sponsored post}

Once upon a time I dreamed that I would be  that mom who had pictures of her family covering every surface of the house. In this dream they wouldn't just be your standard run of the mill JC Penney or Olan Mills posed picture....oh no, these would be artistic and beautiful.

But then reality hit and I got knocked up not only once but three times in five years and the only artistic photos I have to show for any of it are on Instagram with a Sierra filter (okay maybe 1977).

Let's just say that I dropped the ball majorly on that one. I mean, I always meant to schedule a time, but life seemed to put a total damper on having photos taken and before you know it I'm 28,postpartum  and all emotional like, " we only have 18 years....wahhh" so when Lori Baskin of LB Photography asked us to be models I jumped at the chance, peed myself a little and excitedly agreed all the while my hubs rolled his eyes, because even after three babies he still thinks the peeing yourself thing isn't a real ailment...shows how much he knows.

So north we went to my hometown of Beavercreek to meet with Lori and she worked her magic. But I'll shut up and show you the pictures because her amazing work totally speaks for itself.

Oh but here's a little fun fact... we used my grandmother's gold chair and quilt as a photo prop, you know, because I'm totally sappy like that.

And my very favorite Minnie moment...

Swoon worthy. Am I right?

Check out Lori Baskin Photography Blog as well as her Facebook page and Instagram for rates and availability. Lori Baskin Photography services the Columbus, Dayton, and Cincinnati areas specializing in Newborn photography.For more information email her at Loribphotos12@gmail.com  Seriously HIRE HER. She is the real deal.

^^This is a sponsored post and although I was gifted photographs all opinions are in fact, my own. So trust me when I say she's absolutely awesome. 


  1. Beautiful. I am partial to the Black and White.

  2. I love these!!!!! Precious!! What a beautiful family!!