Walking and chewing gum.

This doing multiple things at a time isn't easy at all. I mean, how is it that I totally forget how little and vulnerable newborns are? Just two weeks old and this tiny, new human already has me wrapped around her perfect little finger.

The whole thing is mind boggling really.

I just can't explain how much you freaking love something that you just met. And how your love changes and grows for your other children, but still somehow moves over a space so everyone has room in my heart of hearts.

That doesn't mean this whole parenting thing is easy though. Quite the contrary actually. It's hard. Super hard...and it'e even harder to maintain any type of normal working, eating, sleeping, routine. It's like walking and chewing gum at the same time, you know? I've been walking around in this derp derpy, sleep deprived cloud, only recognizing time passing by nursing around the clock.

And to top it off it's the LAST WEEKEND IN MAY. Can you believe it? This weekend has been culminating for a long time. Not only are things like babies and ill sleep patterns brand new up in these parts... it's also the weekend for #campthrowback, a project that I've been working with the great Brittany Gibbons (seriously she is GREAT) for the last year. I'm super excited to share all of the amazing moments with all of ya'll (thought I should use camping jargon) on Monday...seeing as I survive field day that is.

Soon I foresee getting my act together and perhaps even writing stuff regularly, so stay tuned. It's going to be magical!

But first...there's nothing like a Bonafide Iphone dump to start the weekend off right, no?

Send in the clowns fools!

Birthdays are the best days.

Big Brothers. The Best. 

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