Pop a squat.

I remember sometimes at dance practice our instructors telling us to "Pop a squat", usually to have a team talk about what we needed to achieve and accomplish that day. As a dancer and a generally lazy teenager I would relish those moments, because my life motto at the time happened to be "why are we standing when we can be sitting"?

Now fast forward 10 years later and here I am "Popping a squat" and of taking a break to re-assess the plan for The Jess Elaine.

For the last few weeks I have noticeably been absent from this space. Not because I necessarily wanted to shun my first baby, but because I needed to take a step back and just really focus on what I want this ole' blog to be and where I want it to go. And what did I learn from this little break?

Absolutely nothing.

Ok that's a bit of an exaggeration. I did learn that being eight months pregnant and having two toddlers is an all time energy killer. I learned that maybe I'm not so cut out for certain areas of blogging (ah- hem a la review blogging ), and I learned that we still don't have a name for our bun in the oven.

But in all of these things, I learned that I missed the place where I can just word vomit all over the keyboard and laugh along with the two people who actually read this (one of you being my mom. HI mom). I learned that I missed this little place. So here I am, crawling back to blog land and begging on my knees for forgiveness. Perhaps a little more dramatic than normal because I'm highly emotional, but still the same Jess, asking for you not to forget this little corner of the internet. Heck, I sure haven't.

Also my husband got a pedometer for a work health challenge and is super into it (you know, the thingy that counts your steps) but the darn thing only works if he does this twisty, mall walker walk. So of course, I had to come back to share that visual with you. Oh, and the hubster says that he will have the last laugh because the winner of the health challenge gets $500. In my opinion, the twisty hip walk has totally already met it's worth though.

Happy Wednesday (OH MY GOSH IT'S WEDNESDAY).

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