I'm not sure how this all happened. I mean, one minute we're walking around Hobby Lobby without a care in the world, enjoying the hymns played in the stylings of sexy jazz music and the smell of cinnamon and crafting fantasies, when the next thing I knew the world of my two year old collapsed because I wouldn't let him bounce the giant (non-bouncy) Easter eggs on the hard floor.

This began the most calm temper tantrum I have ever witnessed in my 4 years of parenting. Out of his pure toddler anger towards me, Elliot slumped down in slow motion, eyes closed tightly with the "I refuse to look at you mom...I will not. I WILL NOT " vibe and in silent slow motion proceeded to have his very own lay-in at Hobby Lobby. 

Silent protests are my kryptonite. 



  1. oh my heavens!! This is hilarious!! It's moments like these where you wish you had a camera on a constant roll glued to your head so you can capture it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. this is great!! haha! i love the different temperaments of our kids and ways of responding to things! xo.

  3. Ha I absolutely love this. Kids are crazy while at the same time stretching us beyond what we thought. I can totally relate :) ~Jenna // A Mama Collective

  4. Pretty sure my husband wants to do this every time he shops with me too :p