St. Patty's* day fun (and topknot Thursday).

Okay so just in case you missed my FOX 45 segment this morning, you can click here to see all of the fun Pinterest inspired St. Patty's* day ideas. DRINKING GAME ALERT! Take a shot every time I say "Absolutely". Trust me... your party will start faster. 

So we all know that St. Patty's* day is coming up. Yup, it's time to cue the bagpipes and start dancing the jig folks, because nothing says "Kiss me I'm Irish" like a good ole' Pinterest roundup.

Here are three ideas that I lifted from Pins and made my own. Oh,  and if you don't yet follow me on Pinterest click here to do so.

1.A breakfast suitable for Leprechauns of all ages. 

Nothing says Happy St. Patrick's day like a green dyed milk and Lucky Charms in a "pot of Gold" cupcake cup. Seriously,  what kid (or adult) wouldn't want to wake up to this? Perhaps a green glitter trail could lead the way? 

2. Taste the "fruity" rainbow (and I ain't talkin' Skittles). 

This pin had my heart at first sight. I mean, what's not to love about delicious goodies surrounded by a colorful array of fruit? I'd take this rainbow any day. I'll also take the cloud and the pot of gold it comes with also...thank you very much. Also, I love glitter. like LOVE LOVE LOVE GLITTER, so when I found this idea  to dip a wine (or in my case martini) glass in gold paint, the natural progression was to add glitter. Because leprachans and stay- at- home mommies love glitter. It's a scientific fact, we are the Tinkerbells of real life.

For photo purposes, I filled this glass with Sprite and Green food coloring, but great cocktail ideas like this, or this work perfectly to free that little green leprechaun inside all of us (well except for me, this year I'll be sticking to Sprite and food coloring).And the added bonus is that active members of the "I'm too cool to wear green club" will be safe from pinches carrying these bright green concoctions. There's always one in every crowd isn't there? 

3. The gift that keeps on giving. 

Okay, so I love junk food as much as the next person, but sometimes I like to surprise my kids with treats that aren't necessarily laced with enough sugar to make them see rainbows, so I decided to make them something that they could not only celebrate the St. Patty's* fun, but explore their creativity and last longer than a quick sugar high. 

I really fell in love with this gold painted pot and coloring kit idea. Since I already had the pot, I dolled it up with gold spray paint leftover from my Oscar party fun, and grabbed a brand new pack of crayons and plain paper. Of course, you can go as big as you want and add a printable or coloring book. Since I did this on a budget, our plan is to read a library book about St. Patrick and create our own masterpieces!
Bonus: This would make an awesome St. Patty's* day centerpiece! 

Last year we purchased a wooden handmade Rainbow puzzle for the boys (find a similar one here) and as bright and lovely as it is on the toy shelf my boys actually love it. They always reach to play with it,and love talking about how rainbows are created by refracted light. This is one of those "non- junky" gifts that will last every year. Between you and I, those are my favorite kinds of gifts, because they are everyday staples in our life. SO  much better than candy wrappers everywhere! 

Welp, there you have it. I may only be like 1/11th Irish, but I'll be darned if I get pinched on St. Patty's* day this year! Remember, everyone's Irish on St. Patrick's day! 

May the luck of the Irish be with you this week and always. 



***Edit: I have just been informed that the authentic way is actually St. Paddy's day, so I apologize to anyone I offended in this post. Thank you to a lovely Irish lass that informed me of this. See, I told you I'm only Irish on March 17th!

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