Feeling Fat on Tuesday.

Today is Fat Tuesday, which means that I can fill myself to the brim with unhealthy food and have zero regrets. In fact, the husband and I splurged on Philly Cheesesteaks for dinner and even upgraded to the 10" sub. I know that everyone around me were probably thinking the same thing "does she really need that"?  But the subtle understanding eye contact with the cashier solidified my decision.

Yes everyone. I do need that.

Being pregnant sure has it's perks though. Doors are suddenly opened for you, people are nicer...they even ask you with excitement how far along you are. It's all super nice, except for the fact that this is my third pregnancy and I literally had to download a free app on my Iphone to track my pregnancy week because doing the math is hard ya'll. #thirdchildprobs.

I can't help but feel excited that I'm almost 30 weeks along. 30 weeks is like that whew moment for me. In my small mind it's like the third quarter (sports analogy even though I never played sports) and it's 3/4 of the way through a dance routine. In my world  it's the home stretch. My most recent Doctor's appointment was great in the way that I didn't have a melt down on the scale this time (small victory) and that I was diagnosed for the first time with being anemic. Why is that good you ask? Because there is now a medical reason for my laziness AND THERE'S A PILL TO FIX IT. That's why. And the proof is in the pudding. One week into these Iron pills and I feel like I can actually function.

But enough about me. How has your week been? Have you been filling up on Fat this Tuesday? Or are you simply too busy being PHAT?Oh,  and how did you all feel about the Oscars? I was completely indifferent to everything but Jared Leto's hair and his mom speech.

Until next time blog dolls,


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