The Olympics...from a Mom's perspective.

Okay, let me let you in on a little secret. I am obsessed with the winter Olympics. Really and truly. They are my favorite sporting event ever. No offense to the summer Olympics of course, but the winter Olympics are the top of the cliff. Dangerous and Daring ...I mean what more do you need in a sporting event and is there anyone cuter than Shaun White? Highly doubtful.

Also, I can't help but feel so American when I see our athletes walking out in a Ralph Lauren concoction that only high fashion and Christmas sweater aficionados will appreciate. Carrying the flag with all of that excitement, oh and don't get me started on the medal ceremonies. Regardless of country, I can't help but get choked up when I see athletes put their heart and souls into their craft. It's really do or die. I just bask in the wonder. I cannot imagine a greater honor in life.

But as an American, and as a mom I can't help but notice the little "beef" we have with Russia. I know the history with America and Russia is a bit shady, but let's be real, no matter how amazing these Olympics may be, we will dog them until the end because it's Russia.

Now before I get hate mail and US Marshalls at my door, here me out. I don't necessarily agree with the gay propaganda laws in place or the stories of the stray animals getting murdered, but isn't it super "Christopher Columbus" of us to think that we are going to roll in and change an entire country's agenda? Not to mention, the instant that things began going wrong for our reporters (unfinished hotels, bathroom doors locking etc) we started to snub our noses at the Russian efforts to make this a lovely event? Oh and don't even get me started on Bob Costas' eyes. No wonder the world view of America is the way it is. We are total A-holes. 

In fact, there are some places where Putin and I totally see eye to eye. Those bathroom signs that say "NO" to peeing standing up, for instance? Pure genius. As a mother of two newly potty trained boys (and a husband) I've decided that peeing standing up should be outlawed. There are just too many crevices to clean, too many boys shooting cheerios...it's always going to be a battle lost.

So as the Olympics commence, instead of getting all riled up that the doors are locking in our bobsled team, let's be thankful that they are lucky enough to have a safe place to shower. Instead of getting all stressed out about the stray dogs in Russia, how about we take a visit to our local shelters and donate time and resources. If the gay propaganda law bothers you then don't travel to Russia. And if Bob Costas can't wash his hands, then we need to really and truly need to  sanitize that fortress of solitude thingy that he's reporting from, because that's just freaking gross.

It's time to act like Americans and be proud of our country's finest athletes. Everything else is just vodka.


  1. I literally (and I'musing that word correctly in this case) stopped reading after the following sentence to come down here and say WHHAAAATT??? "is there anyone cuter than Shaun White?"
    The answer is yes, yes there is. It's probably just the curly ginger thing, but when I see him, I think carrot top immediately.

    Now I'm going to go read the rest of the post. ;)

  2. I found the reporters disdain over the "conditions" in Russia to be highly entertaining. I lived in Russia for a time, and there was nothing shocking about anything I read about. Cardboard doors? Check. Water coming out of the faucets a strange color? Been there, done that. Don't flush ANYTHING? Yup, seen those signs, too.

    I think what is problematic for me is that western media is viewing the state of human rights, animal rights, etc with a lens as though they are uncovering it for the first time. People care about it now, and in two weeks, everyone will forget that being gay in Russia could cost you your life, animals will still be abused, and journalists will be murdered in the streets. Because that's Russia.

    And Shaun White is the cutest. I'm so glad he cut his hair.