Oscar Party Ideas.

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We all know that Oscar parties are the new Super bowl. From decked out galas to small intimate get-togethers, hanging out with friends while you watch the big show is the new standard.

Here are a few party ideas to get your  show on the road.

Party Idea #1- Oscar worthy decor. 

After scouring Pinterest I found this hilariously fun idea on how to  mak an "Oscar Statue" out of a Ken doll, spray paint and a tuna can. This can be done on the super cheap. For instance, I got my Ken dolls at the local Goodwill, because it turns out that my one Ken from childhood has gone missing. I think one of his 48 "Barbie" Sister Wives may be responsible for the disappearance, but I can't be sure. 

Basically this is done in three steps. Starting with stripping Ken down to his skivvies and spray painting him gold. C-3PO style. 

Completely unrelated...I felt like a total perv spray painting naked Kens outside. Call me Old Fashioned.

After that dreamboat of a man  is dry (seriously, isn't that Ken such a doll). You stand him up in all of his gold glory and hot glue his feet to a tuna can (that is also spray painted gold). At this point you can make the crucial decision as to leave him be or raise his arms to be a floral centerpiece. Just let your conscious be your guide. 

These would be an awesome "award" as well if you were giving out "Best Dressed" or other fun awards to your party guests. 

Party Idea #2- "Popcorn" cupcakes. 

I didn't even do a step by step "how to"  on these because they were SO easy. Basically you bake cupcakes as normal (these were Chocolate Vegan, courtesy of my baker husband) and do a thin layer of icing. Then you top with some marshmallows and yellow powdered "frosting" (found at any culinary or craft store) and then wrap with creative "popcorn" wrappers. Easy peasy. 


If there is one difference between a good party and a really crappy one it's the food, so I'm firm on the political stance that tons of snacks must be available at all times. That's just a rule regardless. Glitzed out cupcakes reminiscent of Oscar worthy dresses (I hope I see tulle this weekend, golly I love tulle) and a popcorn bar with tons of different flavors are just what the doctor ordered. And by Dr. I mean Ryan Seacrest and the rest of the E! red carpet team. 

So there you have it! Easy and fun  Oscar party ideas to make your viewing party the best of the best. 

Now I'm going to go and catch up on some movie watching. 

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