Coffee Grounds... the unsung hero.

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Okay, so if you are a normal reader, then you know how much I love my coffee. It literally makes me so excited to wake up. Sad, I know...

But even now, as I'm taking in my allowed caffeine amount, and then going decaf the rest of the way,  I end up with a ton of coffee grounds left over. Since I'm all about recycling, I decided to find other uses for my used coffee grounds, because I'm a nerd like that.

Here are a few great uses that I came up with to use those old grounds:

1. Use Coffee grounds as a deodorizer. Place dried grounds in a tupperware container, poke holes in the top and stick in your refrigerator to keep it smelling fresh.

2. Keep coffee grounds by the sink to add to your hand soap after chopping foods that have a strong odor. Work into a lather and rinse. This will also help exfoliate your hands!

3. Add 1 Tsp. . to your body wash to help exfoliate skin and prevent cellulite on your legs!

4. Wrap grounds with felt, tie off with a rubber band and string to create your very own pin cushion! Bonus: The dry grounds will keep your pins from rusting!

5. Add 2 Tbsp. to dog soap and massage to help remove dead skin and fleas in the summer time.

6. Repair scratches in dark hardwood furniture by dipping a wet cotton swab into grounds and blotting them on the scratch. Repeat to achieve a darker color.

7. Fertilize plants. By adding coffee grounds to the rich planting soil, it acts as a pest repellent.

8. Remove grease from pots and pans.

9. Sprinkle grounds in fireplace ashes to contain the dust as you sweep them up.

10.. Sharpen garbage disposal blades by adding 1 tsp. while running water, bonus, they will also remove any yucky odors as well!

11. Rub the grounds into meat to tenderize IT,  as well as add a rich smoky flavor.

12. Create rich compost.

13. Repel insects by sprinkling around plants, or anything you want to keep safe from ants, snails, cockroaches or slugs. Also since coffee grounds are rich in Potassium and Magnesium, they will help to  improve the health of your plants (my grandfather who was a farmer swore by this).

So there you have it! Waste not, want not! I mean seriously, who would have thought that those used grounds could be used for so many things around the house?

I think all of this recycling  deserves a steaming hot cup of coffee.  Who's with me?

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  1. I love making scrubs with coffee grounds. It doesn't irritate my skin like most scrubs. BUT, I had no idea about the dried ground preventing rusting for pincushions. AWESOME.