Boom-Shaka-Lackas and such

Well hello blog world!

I apologize for the week + long vacation that I took from here. BUT I hope you like the new look...I really do! 

Since the last time we talked, another polar vortex has made it's home in our atmosphere, meaning our levels of vitamin D are dangerously low as the only way we can absorb anything is through drafty windows. It's been pretty yuck. In fact, I have found myself perusing my west coast Instagram friends more than I'd like to admit, purely for signs of life other than snow pictures and phone pictures of thermostats. We get it, it's freaking cold. 

All of this inside time has really made me go stir crazy. We (and by we I mean my husband) re-painted two rooms and I began an official blanket collection, because let's face it, I have a problem. Making it official, makes it seem less hoarder-y in my mind, but I know that soon I'll be doing a post on having just enough and selling the rest. I'm sure that somewhere in that article, tear stains will be apparent, after all I am more connected to "Stuff" than I'd lie to admit, in my defense though, I come from a long lineage of hoarders, so it may always be my life struggle. On top of that, we are working towards cleaning out my mom's house, which means for every 10 bags we goodwill, one always ends up in my house, because momentos. But on the bright side, I am super thankful for my mother saving ALL of my baby clothes for baby girl who is due the same month that I was born. Sure she may be dressed an awfully lot like Michelle in early episodes of Full House, but who cares. She will be mine and she will be cute. I cannot wait to meet her sweet face.

Speaking of pregnancy, I had an enormous meltdown at the doctor yesterday because I reached my 20lbs gaining goal. It was an unspoken thing in my head that I was hoping to try not to blimp up this pregnancy, but unfortunately baby girl had other plans. Now I realize that I'm completely okay with any weight that she needs me to gain for a healthy beginning, but at that moment, on the scale, I was so disheveled that I forgot to leave a urine sample and left the bathroom with my sweatshirt tucked into my maternity underwear.So not only was I "that crying pregnant nut at the doctor's office", but I was "that crying pregnant nut with her sweatshirt tucked into her sunflower underwear". It really wasn't my best look

Other than that we have had some major boom-shaka-lackas in our world. Boom-shaka-lackas are great moments that have happened. Usually when something awesome happens, a loud boom-shaka-lacka is exclaimed with such fervor from the hubster's mouth, that you can't help but be excited (clearly the man has played some NBA Jam in his day), so it's become our war whoop of sorts. Here are a few Boom-Shaka-lackas that have happened since we last spoke.

<<< Theo is OFFICIALLY 100% potty trained. Nights and everything. It really makes my bedwetting since I was eight tear up a little. This is a huge accomplishment, and now the plastic pants are in the hole waiting for Elliot to slip them on and earn a boom-shaka-lacka of his own.

<<< I got a new gig working for Dandy Giveaway, an amazing giveaway site. It's been a bit of a slow start as my confidence in asking for sponsors is growing, but so far I love it. Check it out.

<<< The hubs graduated at the top of his Underwriting class with an amazing performance review. I'm so proud of that guy, my heart could burst.

<<< Dance season is in full swing and I was able to really flex my creative biceps on the routines this year, which is the best feeling, ya know?

<<< It's almost time for warmer weather, at least that's what I keep telling myself.

So those are our Boom-shaka-lacka moments. Doesn't celebrating them together feel so great? I encourage you to leave your awesome accomplishments in the comments section. Ya'll deserved to be celebrated!


  1. this is great jess love it, love you, auntie jo

  2. Love your story telling ability! You're a great writer Jess. I didn't know you're prego...congratulations! And a little girl...How precious. So happy for you guys! Christa (your NKOTB #1)

  3. Haha, I'm new here, but I already like your style. There's no better place to be "that nut of a pregnant lady" WITH sunflower underwear showing than the OB's office. They're probably used to it.

    Visiting from Casey's linkup, btw. Nice to meet you, Jess! I have two little boys and now a little girl, too.