We aren't the tree cutting type...yet.

After perusing Facebook and Instagram this holiday weekend, I couldn't help but notice how incredibly jolly and into the Christmas spirit everyone has become. There's something about all of this holiday music and Harry Potter showings that just turn my insides into mush. Really, Christmas is the best time of year.

However, I've noticed that a ton of my cyber friends are cutting down their own trees this year. No judgment here, in fact, the hubster and I have had many a conversation about hauling out the old hatchet and hiking into the woods. But we have yet to do so.

Blame it on the convenience of our pre-lit faux fur, or the realization that I don't want to wrangle two toddlers through the wilderness while supervising my husband with sharps, knowing full well his history with this sort of thing (almost chopping off limbs etc), but we have decided to put a pin in that discussion for this year.

And even though I'll be jonesing for a real tree finding experience and pine scented goodness, I'll be busy not sweeping up stray pine needles and watering a tree. I mean, I've never done this, but trees are alive and I assume they need water, right?

Maybe next year.
Everything is better with Doilies.


  1. We got our first real tree when Cora was about 6 months old. It shed all over the place and died about a week before Christmas.

    This year, we might go get an itty bitty tree to put on the front porch. The tree-getting experience was pretty fun. The tree-cleaning-up, not so much.

  2. I have no real interest in real trees either. I'm just fine with the pine scented stick thingies that attach to my tree!