The Season of Simplicity.

Now with baby number three on the way, I find myself yearning for a simpler life. As the holidays are upon us and I know we have the possibility of becoming buried under "stuff" my anxiety is in high gear. After all, my TV is telling me that my children and family with hate me if I don't find "Just the right gift".

It's all really exhausting, you know?

I mean, since when did all of this become so important? When did all of our Anne Shirley's become so engrossed in "stuff"? My great grandparents didn't have half the stuff we have, hell they didn't even have electricity until the 1980's, and yet they lived a fulfilled life. One that blessed them with ten children and endless times of happiness.

I want to get back to that place. Life is so expensive, and I'm not going to pretend that living on one starting income isn't a struggle, but so many people are doing it, and are just as happy as the wealthy. Toddlers can't tell that they are poor, so why are we all so busy trying to convince them that we are rich?

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that we are irresponsible humans for bringing another child into the world if we don't have the means to spoil it rotten with the sense of entitlement that it deserves. And maybe we are, or maybe we're just trying to break the materialistic cycle that we have fallen victim to ourselves.As a proclaimed lover of "stuff" I am here to tell you that "stuff" may make you feel great temporarily, but it doesn't bring back those lost, or heal the deep wounds that are really hurting. The "stuff" is just a facade for a broken heart.

So here I am, eyeballs deep in Toys R' us catalogs and online coupons, ready to start anew. This Christmas and this year I want to bask in the true simplicity of life.

Call me crazy, but I really just want to focus on what really matters.

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  1. True, just pop in the video of "It's A Wonderful Life', "A Christmas Story" or "Scrooge" - pop some popcorn and put up your feet, and have the kids string the popcorn and laugh some! Have a wonderful weekend.