The Fabulous Ergo {Review}.

Okay so I must admit, this parenting multiple children thing is much harder than I expected. Especially when chores and household things need to be done, and I actually need to use my hands. You guessed it, I was blessed with two mama's boys who want to be held and helped at all times.

Normally this would be a pretty bleak situation, seeing as how I was born with only two hands and not three, but luckily this baby wearing trend has become a new way of life for me, and I can now be the super mom that I have always aspired to be.

I've tried a ton of other slings and harnesses, but my favorite (especially for carrying those big boys) would have to be the Ergo. Hands down. It's made with durable materials that feature padded shoulder straps, extra elastics around the safely to put your mind at ease, a napping shade for those babies on the go, and an awesome zip pocket to store the important stuff (like extra candy for mommy shhh). Ergo also has a ton of extras that you can purchase separately to enhance your experience. For instance, they have a booster insert so that you can begin using the Ergo as soon as you bring them home from the hospital, and teething strap covers, so that when your little one is in slobberville they can too enjoy being warn in this comfy papoose. Oh and did I mention that you can even transition it to a backpack carrier for bigger kids? These folks sure have thought of everything.

But enough of my babbling, check it out for yourself on their Facebook, Twitter, and Website Seriously. They really are a must have. 

^^This is an unsponsored post. All opinions are mine and mine only. 

Editor's note: Right before this picture was taken, Elliot had a meltdown and removed his gloves, because he was "AHT". No babies were frozen during the taking of these pictures.

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