It's crunch time.

Even though the snow is falling and the magical glow is in the air, it just doesn't feel like Christmas is in a week.  A WEEK (and two days)! It's just all too much to bear. Not that it's all about gifts or anything, but I do tend to get a little bit overboard in my quest for the perfect Christmas gift. Nothing too expensive and out of budget...but always a ton of handmade gifts that I choose to begin around a week before.

I'm telling you, the "week before" pressure really puts that oomph I need to get myself together and knit, crochet and sew like it' my job, intstead of watching every Keeping up with the Kardashians episode that I've already seen three times. Sidebar, why are those people so entrancing? And WHY does E! show them 24/7? You could be up at 3am with a sick kid with nothing on but paid programming, and like clockwork you can flip to E! and always see Kim's crying face? Am I being brainwashed? Nevertheless I fall into the trap every time...so I guess I'm partially responsible. I guess anything is better than buying yet another variation of the Slap Chop I don't need...

Anyway, you can tell that I am really trying to get into the Christmas spirit. Can a girl get points for trying? Man I sure hope so... I could really use some extra points in my arsenal.

 I'm sure my bah-humbuggy-ness (is that a word?) mostly stems from the fact that my email inbox is constantly full with emails urging me to buy stuff that I really don't need. Don't get me wrong, I love stuff just as much as the next gal, but you can only step on so many Jake and the Neverland pirates figurines before you start to question yourself as a parent, and regretting your past forays into the gift giving wilderness. Sometimes I wish I would have started smaller with the gifts I bought my children. I mean, is it too late to go back and  buy that paddle with the string on a bouncy ball and call it a day? Seriously, that was one of the most sought after finds circa 1950. Load up the stocking with fruit and boom... Merry Christmas, kids. 

But the bar is already set, and of course, my eldest son wants a power wheel. Now before I start getting hate emails about this, I am actually getting him one. Now, I know it goes against my "no batteries" rule, but he was so cute when he asked. Don't get all preachy, it's actually my old Barbie car that will be spray painted red ...Prince style (little red corvette, anyone?), and with a brand new battery, my bamboozeled toddlers won't even know the difference. This gift is sponsored by my mom, who keeps everything that I've ever owned in my life. Way to go mom! Not kidding, I really owe her.  She has saved me some serious moolah this time.

But Like it or not, Christmas is on it's way. And I guess I just need to suck it up and get started on my projects.

Although I'm pretty sure that there is nothing cuter than having photographic evidence of two toddlers overcoming their fears of the big guy in red.

Merry "week before" everyone. Time to go into overdrive.

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  1. Love Merry "week before." too funny. I haven't even begun on projects... I can't believe it.