I pulled off Santa's beard.

Clearly I'm on some subconscious Grinch rampage. Is there a rehab for this? Preferably in Malibu?

Anyway the school Christmas party was today, and like everyone else we were pumped to show our Christmas spirit. At least, I thought I was, until our alarm went off an hour late. Who would have thought that a late night zoo trip would come back to bite us in the rear?

Clearly not this mom.

But we pressed on, and even though we rolled up about 15 minutes late, I was hell bent to make this a great Christmas party. I mean, I was wearing a blinking reindeer nose necklace, for crying out loud. And you know what? It was, until it was time for Santa to visit. Everything was going swimmingly until Elliot, who is a very large proponent of parking it on the big buy and not moving, refused to get up thus causing me to begin a tug of war with a two year old with super human strength.

It also didn't help that my seriously dry fingertips kept making contact with the frizzy plastic "hair" in Santa's beard. But finally, victory was mine and I grabbed Elliot with such vigor that I didn't realize that a chunk 'o Santa beard had come with, exposing a smooth shaven gentleman underneath.

Luckily, this particular Santa had cat like reflexes and he reached up and turned around so the kiddos didn't see the secret, thus causing a cartoon-esque beard snapping as the elastic snapped it back into place on his face. And with nothing but a "Merry Christmas Santa" I was out of there. Blinking like a road sign the whole way.

 Honestly, does anyone else feel like this is the slowest moving week of all time?


  1. Beautifully shared. I'm so glad I found your blog, and I'm excited to look around some more.

    I don't feel like this is a slow week, but I feel like it's gradually getting there. I think work has been breaking it up for me... who knows. Today, I'm just grateful to find some beautiful things and beautiful people and beautiful blogs like yours :)


  2. Thank you so much for visiting! Have a wonderful holiday!