This mom's "shameful" secret; I take naps with my kids.

Go ahead super moms, mom shame me all the way to the moon, but I don't care.

Yes, I take naps with my kids. As often as I can .

And I could care less what you think.

Moms have it rough these days, screw it, moms have always had it rough, and being a mom is the most exhausting job ever. This is not new information, and I applaud all of the moms who look flawless after zero sleep with their perfectly perky parenting, I really do, but that's just not me.

I cannot function on zero sleep. I just can't, and I shouldn't be shamed because I'm a human being that requires the basic need of sleep.

But for a long time, I hid this secret in fear that I might be judged, because hell as moms we are judged about everything. Judged by our families, judged by the people on the streets, even worse judged by other moms who are dealing with the exact same stuff, and should totally understand.

Mom shaming is totally real.

Now I'm not going to pretend that I haven't questioned other parent's decisions for their children, but  those questions have never,  and I repeat never , left my head by way of my mouth. I just don't bad mouth other moms. It's bad for business and really bad for trying to live a positive life.

So back to these naps. Daylight savings time has been a bear for us adjustment wise. We are up with the sun at 6:15and cranky and tired by dinner. It really is the number one beyotch in our world right now. Because when you awaken at 6:15 by the time noon rolls around you are ready to trash things and having a meltdown, and don't even get me started on the kids.  What's a mom to do? Why, institute a "rest time" of course! The basic rule is that you don't have to sleep, you just have to be quiet. This time can be used for reading, or quiet play, but it always ends up in a family nap. Um score.

Yes, I could be working or cleaning or stressing, but that is what the other 22 hours in the day are for. The 800000000000 emails that I have to send will still be there and the blog posts can wait. In fact, you call me lazy, or  whatever great mom euphemisms you want, but this mom is well rested way less likely to bitch slap you in the face, despite you edging in front of me in the double drive thru line. By the way moms in BRAND new Honda Odessey minivans, it's not a freaking race so stop trying to Jimmy Johnson me into the wall to get your big mac first. Relax, it's Mcdonalds, they will be able to  make everyone happy. Lay off the gas and pop another Xanex, PLEASE.

So bring on the shame...after all parenting is already like trying to navigate yourself through the Assult round of American Gladiators, so why do we need all of these other "tennis ball moms" trying to knock us down?

Because everyone wants to be the "winner", that's why.

*I stand by the fact that not being tired is winning by the way. Eat that shamers.

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  1. If I have kids I would totally take naps with them. In fact, right now I don't have any kids, and I still take naps, which is PROBABLY more shameful, if shaming is going to be done. I work with kids all day, and then I go home exhausted and fall asleep! If I had to keep the kids I work with 24/7, I'd definitely be imposing some mandatory nap times for everyone!