The Year Without a Trick or Treat.

Or at least, a much shorter version of one. Thanks to horrible winds and a major downpour, our experience was cut a bit short as we headed home in time to watch Charlie Brown. Secretly, I'm glad we threw in the towel so early, I mean, by the time 6:00 rolls around I am one tired broad.

But before all of that pajama goodness happened we dressed up. About three weeks ago, while watching one of our favorite year round movies, "The year without a Santa Claus" Theo looked at me and said "I should be Snow Miser for Halloween because I'm tall and skinny, and Elliot should be Heat Miser because he is short and fat". After explaining for 10 minutes that fat is not a nice word, and just because  Elliot is smaller than him, that it doesn't necessarily mean that he is fat. After that endearing parenting talk, I agreed. What a freaking great idea. I mean, and Theo was so Miserly when he said it...almost like I could envision the icicles hanging from his nose, but I did what every good parent does and I played hard to get while in my head I was really thinking,  "wow, just when you think you're really crapping up this parent thing, something happens and makes you realize that you're doing it all right".

Like Seriously.

My kid chose on his own to be a timeless character, and well the other one, he went along with anything his big brother wanted because he gets treats.

Really it was a win-win for everyone involved, but I'll shut up now so you can just bask in the cuteness.

 Please just baaasssskkkk, you know, in the spirit of Halloween and all.

And then Theo just kept striking these perfect poses, it was like he researched the role or something. Perhaps that's why we watch that movie on repeat 40,000 times...
Um and does anyone else notice that Elliot's "cheese" face is dead on Heat Miser? And to think I thought he wouldn't even keep his hat on. Little did I know under all the mischief is a Heat Miser waiting to bust out.
And the obglitory pumpkin bucket shot, because you know, we all have pumpkin buckets. I think that they are some parenting rite of passage. I have no idea how we got them, they just showed up in our lives the day we became parents. Regardless they were filled to the brim with goodies quickly.
I also love that we included a double shot of the brothers. So new age,  amIrite?
And here we are braving the elements as big brother and Papa trudged on ahead in the 3 year old adventure of a lifetime.  Elliot however, got pretty serious with a popcorn ball... so serious  that he handed over the bucket and his hat and demanded "home". Thus concluding our end to another Trick or Treat.
Oh, and just in case you are one of those people who looked at me like "who in the world are the Miser brothers"? Here is a little ditty for you.  Yes,  we went old school Misers, not these new age fools you see on A Miser Brothers Christmas. Original 1974 style.
We're too much.