The best in Beauty right now: Fall and Winter 2013.

Since it's no secret that I am huge fan of beauty, this I had the opportunity to show off some of my favorite products to the Fox 45 morning show, and to explore some of the seasons hottest trends. These are a few of my faves.

First, great beautiful hair starts with healthy hair. As a former hairstylist I know that when your hair is healthy it just looks better, and bonus...healthy hair is also much easier to style and maintain. Redken Diamond oil is an amazing product that will not only make medium to course hair shine "like a diamond" (sorry Rhianna moment there), but it makes it stronger, which is amazing for girls like me who want long hair, but also won't lay off the hair color. Order yours here from Salon Dimitri. I mean, because who wouldn't die for those Lady Godiva strands, no?

Image courtesy of Redken.com/uk
Next, I am truly obsessed with this new dark lip trend. Deep reds and Berry tones have totally dominated the fashion scene. I guess it's the worlds fascination with drama that we really can't get away from, needless to say, I can totally handle lipstick drama. My favorite Berry color right now is Mystic Berry by Mary Kay. It's the perfect Berry color for any skin tone and it lasts longer than any lipstick. It's a great investment, and an even better stocking stuffer. Get yours here before this trend passes you by! Thanks to Amanda Riggins for the awesome find!

                                                         Image courtesy of celebitchy.com

Finally a major must to complete the fall trend is a really great but understated eye. Neutral colors like this from L'Oreal Color Riche really compliments the over exaggerated lip color without over powering and giving you the clown feel. Liquid liner and a terrific mascara are also a necessity to pulling off this perfectly cozy fall look. L'Oreal has some terrific options for a traffic stopping look, so I encourage you to check them out!

The awesome part about all of these trends is that they can work for all different skin tones and hair colors, so even the pale girls can sigh with relief.


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