Hanging with the turkeys.

It's been rather quiet around these parts. Chalk it up to the cold weather, or my aversion to putting on real pants, either way we've been holed up around here doing crazy out of character things like making our own deodorant.

I know. The cold just does it to me. It turns me weird. Okay perhaps it brings out the weird that is already there... regardless  I'm letting my  freak flag fly at full mast.

But since we've been re-organizing for the big Christmas decoration day (I know we are totally those people who have to seriously move furniture to put up our tree), I've been really trying to be good and "minimal" by Goodwill-ing items we don't need, and strategically packing away things that we REALLY don't need. I've realized that this is the very first holiday that I don't want anything.

Now, maybe it's because I 've already listened to "The Christmas Shoes" 13 times, but I feel like this Christmas I am really getting the whole point of the season. Can you believe it? I'm growing up right before your very eyes. But before I get too ahead of myself, we have Thanksgiving. and since I am really bad at keeping up with the Fcebook daily thankful posts, I thought that I would summarize some of the things that I am thankful for on my blog this week. Because, you know, I'm nothing if resourceful.

As you can see I am very thankful to be a mom. I love these cats, like more than anything in this entire universe. I mean, I gave up real deodorant, is there really a greater love than parenthood? Surely there is not. These guys are perfectly adorable, and absolutely hilarious. Perhaps I'm partial, but strangers mention this stuff too, so I know it's true. They get me, they love me and they just enjoy being together. The whole thing just makes my heart soar.

So today I want to take the time to say Thank you to my boys for making me a better human. You guys are truly the apples of my eyes. Or my tree. Is that how the saying goes? Oh well, you get the picture.

Anyway, momma loves you kids. Thanks for being you.

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