4 Makeup blunders that make you look twice your age.

Let's face it, makeup is not an easy beast to tame. Just like anything else, it takes practice, patience and a whole lot of trial and error to find the best look for your face and skin tone. Here are a few mistakes to avoid, when applying makeup.

                                        Blunder #1: Too much Blush applied incorrectly.

Back in the day blush colors were very limited. You could choose from hot pink, bright orange or brown.  And we were all taught to apply it the apples of your cheek, after all this is the part you want to focus on right? You know, the widest part of your face? Uh no. Time has actually taught us that less is more and that blush should be correctly applied to the cheek bones or just under depending on the contouring look you are trying to achieve. Remember to always choose a blush complimentary to your skin tone, not necessarily following a trend. Clowns are never in style. Sorry Bozo.

Tip: Apply blush with a light stroke, the more pressure put on the brush the darker the application will be. Also less is more, so start slow, then add if you feel like you haven't achieved the true color.

Blunder #2: Eyeliner applied only to the bottom.
In the 60's  70's and 80's no piece of makeup was more daring than eyeliner. And the hot place to put it was heavy on the bottom lid. Now this trend has evolved into tired looking baggy eyes, and when that makeup smudges after a long day at the office you look like you're ready to play Monday Night Football. Plus it really accentuates the symmetry in your eyes or in my case, asymmetry.

Tip: Try to avoid lining the entire bottom lid, not only can it accentuate those under eye bags, but it makes even larger eyes appear to be closed off and droopy. Try lining only the top, or lining the bottom only to the center of the eye, keeping liner on the waterline to make it thinner and less intense.

Blunder # 3: Too dark/light foundation.
"Hey summer face, the oopma loompas called and they want their face back"...
We've all been there. Using summer makeup when  the summer tan has faded and we still want to hold on to that glow. Well trust me sister, you ain't foolin' NO ONE. We all see that neck. They don't match.
Tip: Using too dark of foundation or bronzer not only looks odd, it can actually make you look older by accentuating fine lines and wrinkles. The same goes for too light of makeup. Make sure you are changing your foundation colors with the seasons, you may vary two to three shades differently. Test colors on the lightest part of your face, that way you will look even, and your face and neck may even look connected!
Blunder #4: Too natural.
We all know that natural beauty is truly beautiful, but in a work or business setting we always want to feel our best, even on the most tired days. Only doing your makeup  halfway is worse than not doing it at all, the done portions really amplify the features that I chose not to do.
Tip: By skipping foundation, eyebrow pencil or powder and lipcolor, I have single handedly made myself look more tired (and therefore older)  than I would have had I taken a few more minutes to do the rest of my face. Eyebrows may be a small detail, but they are a very important detail. Regardless of your brow color, a good eyebrow pencil and powder will really finish even the simplest of looks. And those lips. Nothing makes you look older than having dry, wrinkly lips. If you aren't a huge fan of lip color try a gloss or a stick that comes in a neutral shade that doesn't overpower any look.  Rule of thumb. Do your whole face or don't do any at all.  

So there we have it. Bad selfies and makeup mistakes are something we all want to avoid. After all, I'm trying to beat the hands of time...not rush to the finish line, and if fixing these makeup tricks will help me avoid people asking me "if I'm feeling okay" then I'm willing to oblige.


  1. uh oh, I often only wear mascara to work and maybe eyeliner. I guess natural is no goof

  2. Too cute - thanks for sharing your tips!