12 Things you may not know about yours truly.

Okay, so I totally realize that this game is meant for Facebook, and I don't mean to be the jerk that ruins the status quo, but I got the number 12. That means that I have to write 12 things about myself that you may or may not know about me, and seeing that I am quite the rambler (shock), there is no way that I could keep it short and sweet in true Facebook post form. I mean, does anyone really click "continue reading" these days? Highly doubtful. Plus long Facebook status' make my stomach hurt.

Anywho, these are my 12 facts.

1. I love Mustard. It's my favorite condiment, and  I'll put it on anything. My all time favorite combo however, is mustard on black olives. My sodium levels hate me.

2.  I hate being bumped. Literally as a kid I avoided all sports and activities where people would continuously bump me over and over (i.e basketball). It just irritates me. Crowded places like Disneyworld during spring break is my personal hell.

3. I love talking to people. It's on of my most awkward qualities. It doesn't matter I it's the homless guy on the street or the cashier checking me out at the grocery, I talk my head off to everyone. I just love hearing their stories and their take on the weather. It makes me smile so hard to hear other people's point of view.

4. When I was little I told TV producers that I wanted to be a brain surgeon during a Department store casting call, and I ended up getting the part. I'm not sure if that was what I really wanted to be or if I knew that brain surgeon sounded way better than "I want to be a famous commercial star", but it worked. Mission accomplished.

5. I love all different types of music. While I adore the greats like Elvis, The Beatles, The Stones and The Doors, I can't forget my country roots like Conway Twitty, Hank Williams, and Bill Monroe... Oh and the Judds, I'll sing every Judds song for you right now, and don't worry it'll be deep and loud Wynona style. You're welcome.

6. I am an inner hippy and outer redneck. I dream of one day owning a farm, growing our own food and raising our own animals. Even if that means finagling chicken coops out of everyday items. I'm nothing if resourceful.

7. I have been blessed in my life to meet the best friends a girl could ever ask for. I've been lucky to find other oddballs like me, and there is nothing better than being able to be yourself and let your freak flag fly with friends who act just as nuts.

8. I'm horrible at cleaning. Maybe this is why I subconsciously married a neat freak who loves to clean. Either way, I totally drop the cleaning ball every single day. Luckily, he loves me anyway.

9. I watch the absolute worst shows, that I don't even like. For instance, I wasted three hours watching episodes of "Preachers of LA". Why? I couldn't even tell you.

10. My favorite place to shop is the thrift store. I ain't above buying used.

11. I am a very convincing sleep talker. One time I had the hubster completely taking the sheets off of our bed and  checking for rollie polies, before he realized that I was making these outrageous claims in my sleep. See? I talk so much, even sleep doesn't shut me up!

12. I am the laziest perfectionist that you'll ever meet. Things like art really frustrate me because my finished product is never "perfect", so I just don't do it. I'm also super competitive, which is why I tend to avoid competitive activities. I'm not really a fan of the Jess that they bring out, she is not nice and I'm pretty sure  she has major rage issues.

I can tell you that the little girl in this picture was not happy with the competitive nature of easter egg hunting. Also she got bumped, so this day wasn't a favorite. A double doozie,  if you will.

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  1. I hate getting bumped too! I can't stand being "elbow to elbow." Also I would love to live on a farm and grow my own food. But I don't want to eat my animals!