The Halloween Hustle.

I know posts have been a bit sparse around here. I wish I could say that I am a perfectionist full of boundless energy or that I am supremely busy with a million radical projects (okay I am involved in Camp Throwback with is pretty major), but the truth is that it is Halloween. And like every other year I am completely in the whole costume under budget mode. I blame Pinterest for my anxiety.

So as the crickets are a- chirpin' here at The Jess Elaine, I pinky promise, blood swear etc, that I will be back with a boom very soon.

Until then here's a sweet marching band video, because secretly I was always that Cheerleader/ Dancer who wanted to be in band. Wannabe band nerds exist you know.

Oh and also that's The Best Damn Band in the Land, so respect the Buckeye fools.

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  1. OSU does a pretty good job of keeping it fresh while marching their sets. I was in marching band (in college) and its intense!