Flus, Falls and pretending to be Farmers.

This weekend started with a ppppffftttttt as the flu entered our house and swooped in with its fever, gunky nose and sick bellies. 50% of our house was left unharmed (hint: the two oldest boys) and the other 50% (me and Elliot) were bedridden and homebound as we moped and moved from couch to couch moaning and complaining about everything. Pretty standard sick day stuff.

But the good news, and there is good news,  is that this flu bug is short lived and we awoke to a beautiful and freezing cold Sunday ready to conquer the day, because gosh darn it, we needed to get out of this damn house.

So as we tend to do on Sunday mornings, we woke up too early, and after a sticky breakfast of Belgian waffles we got spiffed up to head to church and then bundled up in our warmest farm like clothing to head to the pumpkin patch, because that's what city folk in Ohio do, we all pretend to be farmers daughters to pick out a pumpkin. Which is totally ironic, because we literally passed about 5 grocery stores and Home Depots along our way to the farm, but you know, ambiance and all that.

Best part of the day hands down was the hayride. Because these boys love tractors and I hate walking. It's basically 10 minutes of mom rest, which is freaking awesome. This hayride took us out to the pumpkin patch, which was full of the leftover, reject photo prop pumpkins. And that's exactly what I told my boys because I was not going to be spending the rest of my Sunday hauling these puppies around. There's pumpkins by the exits for a reason guys...

And then the day got even more exciting when corn man showed up. I love how he shops at H&M. So trendy that corn man.

The other awesomness of this farm is that they have the cutest little kid town, that can actually be purchased for the small price of a car. Completely in our budget, by the way.

Big brothers drove little brothers. Little brothers freaked out the entire time. I hope this isn't a precursor for what's to come. Side note, whoever created the cars attached to the grocery cart deserves a nomination for saint hood. Seriously, that invention has saved one too many grocery trips in our world.

And as always, the parent paparazzi were swarming, but these guys handled it like pros and hammed it up for the memory keepers. I'm sure that the Kardashians can relate. All in all, it was a pretty great trip, with the exception of mass amounts of hay stuck in my leggings. Turns our jeans and a Carhartt would have probably been a wiser choices. There's always next year to up the ante in the farm poser department.

On to a fabulous week blog world. I hope you'll join me and wash your hands. That flu is one nasty jerk.

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