DIY lemon cleaner

So here's the sitch.
Having two boys, one three year old who is recently potty trained and overly confident in his aiming ability , and another who is using cloth diapers, I can honestly say that our house smells like urine. Especially the bathrooms.
For a long time I was OCD about hitting the entire bathroom with Lysol and Pine Sol, but just like everything before it (bleach, Mr. Clean) it began to lose it's strength. That Ammonia is tough stuff I tell you. So after scouring my old recipe box, Pinterest and my common sense, I had the idea to create my own.
Also for any of you who know me personally, you know that I'm a hippie freak who not so secretly believes that cleaning products are the essence of the devil. I mean, all of those chemicals cannot be good for you, am I right?
This recipe is super easy, although you have to be pretty patient, because miracles just don't happen overnight.
What you'll need;
-2 jars that seal tight
-2 lemons
-1 gallon of Distilled white vinegar
* Lavender oil (optional)
It's easy peasy. Basically you chop the lemons (I chopped mine on a plate to save the juice), placing one whole lemon in each jar. Then you fill the jar 3/4 of the way full with the Distilled White Vinegar. Fill the rest of the way with steaming hot water. Let them sit in a dry, cool place for 3 weeks. Funnel the cleaner into a bottle and VOILA! 
You have urine fighting, organic and healthy multipurpose  cleaner.
*I added 3 drops of Lavender oil to one batch to create a Lemon Lavender scent, just to change it up. I'm sure you could use any essential oil that you prefer.  
Because smelling better is better.

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  1. I hope the same will work with clogged drains. The drains do left some nasty smells.