Camp Throwback.

To be honest, I hated camp as a kid. As a chronic bed wetter and sufferer of separation anxiety from my parents, the idea of being away from them for an extended period of time really put my stomach in knots. Don't get me wrong, I've been to sleep away camp, I'm just not sure it counts if your mom is there acting as your girl scout leader slash ally in sneaking in pull ups. Not to mention that my mom our leader hated actually being outside, hated using the latrines, and was terrified of every outdoor activity other than tanning. Needless to say Troop Beverly Hills had nothing on us.

But I've seen the Parent Trap more times than you can count, and I know that camp should be a super fun experience. I mean, what if I've been missing out on my long lost twin sister for all these years?

What if I'm missing out on my British life?

That's why I'm going to Camp Throwback. Sans Pull-ups and bedwetting.

Join me and a whole slew of other fun women this May (Hint: this is thrown by THE BRITTANY GIBBONS so we all know it's going to be epic) and get your flags ready , because I'm pretty sure I'm going to capture it. You know, after I learn all the rules.

Check out all of the necessary information for Camp Throwback including FAQ and where to ORDER. Tickets go on sale at 10AM!

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  1. "...and when we think about it, IT MAKES ME WANT TO FART!"

  2. I am SO intensely jealous. I want to go to Camp Throwback SO BAD, but my bank account says "Hahaha, yeah right."