Alone Time.

While big brother is at school, it's little brother's turn to feel like an only child, even if it's only for a few hours.
Little brothers sometimes have it rough. They get pulled along into their big brother's schemes, and they want so badly to be included that they grow up way to fast. I whole heartedly believe that little brother was never truly a baby.
Just yesterday he let me cuddle him while watching T.V. for the first time since he was a newborn. I mean, can you believe the independence on this one? Oh and you wouldn't believe how smart. Yesterday I spent a majority of the afternoon trying to explain to Elliot that we would soon be saying "bye bye" to his beloved "moo moo" (pacifier). Wouldn't you know that immediately following our conversation, the little stinker took every single "moo moo" we own, and hid them around the house. Specifically, where only he can find them. It's like some weird toddler scavenger hunt that I'll never win.
So since the world is going hogwild over the government shut down, wouldn't you know that the week I plan to take my kids to the Air Force Museum, that happens, we're here rocking out to some Laurie Berkner and eating oatmeal. Because that's how real Americans roll.
Speaking of American...is there truly anything more American than a George Jones Tee on a toddler?

Perhaps a sippy cup full of Mt. Dew or something. Hey true story about that shirt...that was mine when I was little. My parents were the rockstars who took me to the fairgrounds as a toddler to see "No Show" himself. I don't really remember the show, but I got this rad shirt out of the deal, so I can imagine that it was the concert of a lifetime.
By the way, I am doing a 31 Days of Family blogging linkup over on The Nester, so you'll have to click on over and check out some other fun blogs. And yes, in case you were wondering, I will be checking in EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. so get ready to be supremely annoyed.
Happy October folks.

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