A moment of reflection.

Somewhere in between knitting a scarf for Theo's Halloween costume and sending 40,000 emails, I find myself in a quite house, with one child napping and the other's eyelids drooping as he watches his second episode of Cailliou.

I just had the realization that I love days like this. Days that make books like 'The Napping House" actually believable. Days that make the gloomy rain outside seem like a comforting fall staple. Here in Ohio, we don't get a lot of things right, but fall... fall is our jam. We know how to do fall with the best of them.

Being a parent is hard. It's tiring and honestly thinking about the responsibility makes me want to lock myself in a closet and rock back and forth. But right now, in this moment,  all of those worries are gone.

Perhaps its the pound of bacon we ate for second breakfast. Or maybe it's the 90% chance that these Halloween costumes won't be used tomorrow because of Thunderstorms. Regardless, I'm pretty content to push pause on life and savor these quiet moments and realize what these boys mean to me.

Cuz let's face it, in about 2 hours they will be running around like lunatics and screaming the word "weenie" while collapsing into fits of laughter. And I'll be back to losing my mind.

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