This past weekend we did what our boys have been dreaming of for their entire lives.  And by boys I mean my husband.

We went to see The Wiggles in concert.

Now as die hard Wiggles fans often do, we took some of our white T's (some V necks some regular) and DIY'ed ourselves a little fan attire. I dyed, hubby created the transfers and voila. The Jess Elaine T-shirt factory was born. Actually making T-shirts is the second favorite activity of my husband, the first of his favorites being folding T-shirts which is like the grand finale to actually making the  T-shirts. Needless to say the Hubster was pumped.

Because now that there is a girl Wiggle, it only seems right for this family of four to dress the part, am I right?

All joking aside, it was an awesome time. We headed out of town for the event, which meant hotel stays, bedbug anxiety and vacation mode (even if it was just for the weekend). The concert was a great time to just enjoy being together. Literally at one point, I looked over at my husband, who often times in the busyness of life blends in the background, and thought to myself "this. this is why I married this guy. He's as weird and as dorky as I am". I mean, how many times do you find someone like that in a lifetime?  It was a Wiggles concert for heck's sake!

But as late nights often do, moods shift, and even the excitement of seeing The Wiggles got to be a little much for our tired little super fans, so after the concert we headed back to the hotel, with only the lights from their seizure inducing souvenirs lighting the way.

Sometimes it takes a dorky night to make you fall in love with life all over again.

Pure Wiggly perfection, it was.

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  1. Thats so sweet! But the Wiggles kinda creep me out. I don't know why. Maybe they're just too wiggly.