The Glooms.

Monday, Monday.

Here we are again. And as though getting out of bed isn't tough enough, let's add the gloomy gloomies of a fall sprinkle outside.

This is the part of fall that I usually tend to forget on purpose. You know, the whole rainy, yucky, stay in bed if you know what's good for you kind of weather that only Ohio can deliver. And while fall food is technically only considered Pumpkin Spice everything, I tend to go in the way of "bulking up" around these times and crave crockpot favorites and too many pizza nights.

I think the fall glooms make me want to eat my feelings.

Perhaps I'm part bear. Regardless, I would include hibernation to the list of my favorite activities. Just like Naps. Oh,  those naps are just divoon...amIright? Note to all parents of one child, please for me and all of the other parents of 2 or more children, TAKE THAT NAP. You will never have the chance to again, so suck it up, don't try to be a hero and sleep when your baby sleeps.

I'm not kidding, because after you have more than one child, you will never have the luxury of day naps again. That is, unless you have a really great babysitter or a carbon monoxide leak. Which by the way is horribly tragic. Please  do us all a favor and get a detector. For me. Safety first dudes.

So as I conclude this rambling of a blog post, I want to ask the ironic question of "how long is too long to stay in your pajamas"?

 I'm asking for a friend.

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