Hassle Free mom favorites...is there really such a thing?

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Yes. The answer is Yes. Hallalujah. Shout it from the rooftops and all that.

 In fact, today I was on Fox 45 talking about a few of my favorite items to help eliminate hassle and live an easier life with kids.Here are my top favorite easy peasy items right this minute.

Baby B'AIR- This is a harness for the overprotective, slightly nervous about flying for the first time parent. It acts as a safety belt for the toddler, and attaches to the seat belt, which gives the parents the ability to actually use their hands during the flight. No clenched arms needed! Vacation Win!  Baby B' Air flight vest $34.95.

Magpie & Co. Hats- These are the CUTEST hats available for the littles in your life. Perfect to keep the crisp autumn air off of little ears, these hats are so cute, you may even forget the parenting stress! Well, almost... Magpie & Company Owl hat $24.95. 

Snack- Trap Snack containers- These containers are perfect for keeping snack in while allowing little chubby hands independence while eating their snack. Combined with the Snacktrap no spill Bottle Top set, and you are in for a mess free snack. At least, for now.  Snack-Trap Snack cup $4.99.  Snack-Trap No Spill Bottle tops $6.99 for a set with bottle attachments. 

Banda Bib- Life is just a game of dress up, am I right? Well those bandits from the old west were totally dialed in. These bibs are not only adorable with their colors and patterns, but they are the only bib that goes close to the chin, safely preventing drool neck, and spiddle chin. Pretty Rad Cowboy. Banda Bib $8.99.



Oh and just  in case you missed it, you can  CLICK HERE to see my Fox 45 Segment on "hassle free" parenting tips. Notice that everyone with children is skeptical about "hassle free" anything. It just doesn't exist...but these products do to help you get through the crazy. So enjoy blog world.

I would just like to issue a special "Thank You" to Fox 45 for allowing me to share my favorites on their platform. 


  1. You're so cute!! No big deal, just being featured on the news :) Loved that. And we totally love the Banda Bibs too!

  2. I love the sleepy owl hat in 18 months!! :)

  3. And OH that cream and red stripe hat would be worn every day this winter! So stinkin cute. You do great work, Dominique!