Friday. BOOM.

Well today is a super lovely Friday, if I do say so myself.

At least according to my backyard, and let's be real, my backyard is wayyy more reliable than the local meteorologist. Plus, it doesn't even interrupt my favorite shows during a storm warning. It's pretty straight forward that backyard of mine.

But it's Friday folks! And I'm talking a real life Friday! Yup, tomorrow will be my first Saturday off in forever. I don't even know what I'm going to do with myself. Sleep in? Try to DIY something? Perhaps watch Saturday morning cartoons just for the heck of it? Who knows, the sky's the limit!

This week has really ushered in the fall vibes. NFL football began, the fair weather football fans emerged from hiding, and we hit up the local parade. I didn't get any pictures (I'm slipping, I know) partially because I actually forgot my camera, and partially because I was consumed with keeping Elliot from joining the parade for the entire two hours. So use your mind's eye and imagine me in a shift dress trying to wrangle a one and a half year old, while simultaneously attempting to convince my three year old that the excessive amounts of clowns were there for entertainment and not fear. Oh, and you might as well forget the explanation of the zombie like characters from the local haunted house. Nothing I said was nearly convincing enough. Luckily big strong papa was there to comfort any fears. Note to self, work on my convincing voice.

So here's something! My best friend Lindsay has introduced me to the underground cult of cloth diapering. Seriously, I had to blood swear and everything to join. All jokes aside, this whole cloth diapering thing is serious business. Who knew that something so basic could become such an obsession? I guess it's all the fecal matter touching and the laundry. It's quite the triumph to make it through the night with no leaks or wicking. Yes, I said wicking. I told you that it was serious. I'm even stringing up a clothesline in the most redneck fashion possible, that is, until my husband can again risk life and limb to help me finagle the real deal.

I mean, a clothesline! Who is this girl?

I guess you can say that I'm getting back to my Kentucky roots. Oh, and speaking of roots, you local yoakles will be able to see my grown out roots slash faux wannabe ombre on Fox 45 Dayton, on Monday morning. I'll be talking about some gadgets that I can't live without in my life, while holding back my nervous urine and dry heaves. It's going to be epic. Well, probably not epic, but interesting to say the least!

But now I'm off to finally turn off the new Wiggles DVD (um there's a girl now, totally rad) that has been repeating for the last two hours and actually attempt to be one of those "active and involved" parents. Yes, I've got  high hopes this lovely Friday.So Soak it up! Seize the day! C'est la ve! Que sera sera and all that! 'Cuz it's Friday , and that only happens, like what? Once a week?  Don't blow it!

And Yes,  In case you were wondering, the excessive exclamation points are in fact the scientific evidence that it is Friday.

TGIF fools.

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