Boom. Crash. Explosions.


Well almost. See folks, in case you haven't noticed I've stepped out of the blogging bit for about a week now. Not necessarily because I've been a busy mom, although I have been combating bedbugs that don't exist after our hotel stay this past weekend (more of that on a later post), but mostly because I'm out of technology .

What does that mean you ask?

Basically that my Hubster fried my computer, and not in a watching dirty movies computer virus kind-of-way, but in a hey let's set the computer on the glass top stove while dancing as a family to Grease and Grease 2 You Tube clips and Elliot accidentally turns the knob on high kinda way.

It all started with the blasphemous comment made by my husband enthusiastically as though to annoy me on purpose,

"Grease 2 is better than Grease".

It took every bone in my body to not launch at him out of pure anger. I mean, Grease 2 is great don't get me wrong, but it's no Grease.

Already I think you can see that this computer fire was 95% not my fault.

So as we proceeded to argue in song montages (don't worry we skipped " let's do it for our country" and "reproduction". after all, little ears) and halfway through the second verse of "Girl for all seasons", we made the adult decision to let the children decide. We fired up the computer (pun intended) and clicked those buttons until we found ourselves on "we go together", and just as I suspected the boys loved it. Standing on chairs be bopping along Elliot danced so hard that he turned on our knob to the burner (that the computer was sitting on) and all of a sudden before we got to the "wahhhhh wahhh wahhhh wahhhhhhhhhh" it shut off.

Unfazed thinking it was the shotty craftsmanship of the rinky dink battery life, we backed away at the exact same time that my husband happened to notice the stove burners gleam red and my computer start to sizzle.

Fire, carcinogens, and the ironic smell of burning money quickly filled out house as my blogging dreams went up in smoke. Literally.

Oh and that hubs. He felt so bad, even though it wasn't really his fault (granted he did set up the computer and make the outrageous claim in the first place), that he promised me a new one and even went out to get pickle chips from O'Charley's as an apology, because after 4 years of marriage one thing my hubby knows is that I'm sorry is always better fried.

But fear not blog world, because the world keeps spinning, so get pumped because typing blog posts on my cracked IPHONE (damn we can't keep anything nice) is now going to be a thing. Kinda like that Harlem Shake or that weird fox video.

Check out the carnage. It's NSFW.

Okay I'm kidding, it's totally safe for work. I just have always wanted to say that.

"Hey Apple, I bet your MacBook doesn't have a skylight in the shape of a stove burner.Add that to your next keynote".
                  -guy dressed in Khaki simulating a PC

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