Because these things just keep happening.

Part of our Indy weekend a few weeks ago , besides The epic Wiggles concert, was that we decided to explore the town for the weekend and see the sights that Indy has to offer.

It was a tough battle between the Children's  Museum and the Zoo, but since we have Zoo passes back home, we decided to hit up the children's museum, heck Indy is famous for that stuff you know?

 Our hotel wasn't very far from the museum, so as we got closer and closer our excitement grew. and when we saw the giant dinosaurs peering in the building, the squeals from the backseat became ear piercing, and we knew that we had made the right choice.

As soon as we got into the door it was like sensory overload on steroids. Optimus Prime was hanging out in the lobby, the toy store was right in front of us and everyone was wearing pirate hats since it was talk like a pirate day. It was so exciting that we decided to divide and conquer, Papa would buy the tickets and I would watch the boys around the Optimus Prime, after all we didn't want them going all Shia Lebouf and bringing it to life or something.

After what seemed to take FOR-EVE-ER, me and the boys got antsy and joined Papa, who as it had turned out had forgotten Elliot's age and was about to over pay.
I told you this place was distracting.
But alas tickets were purchased and the excitement continued to build. I decided to take this moment to be an adult and take Theo to the potty, because we all know that excitement can translate into accidents pretty quickly, so like the responsible  "adult" I am, I got a rush of adrenaline and suggested to Theo that we run, because hey, we were excited (I cannot re-iterate that enough). The problem with that idea however is that we were holding hands, and as I began to run faster Theo's feet got tangled in mine resulting into us both falling, landing face down in a heap, approximately 20 feet from the bathroom. Ironically enough we were in the very center of the entryway, and as people began to circle us to wonder what the heck was wrong with this childish adult and her son. Before anyone got to us an began dabbing on the pity, I picked up a screaming Theo and walked briskly into the bathroom.  
See these are the parts of parenting that I'm not good at, because as I checked Theo (who was still screaming) out in the bathroom, and saw that he was fine (just scared, because you know, his mom tripped him and fell on her face), I glanced down at my bloody knees and elbow and bust out laughing.
Like crying laughing.
And as I laughed harder, Theo cried harder. It was quite the emotional rollercoaster happening simultaneously in one bathroom stall. So much to the point that my husband yelled in through the doorway if we were okay.  I finally calmed myself down, and with cheeks throbbing from laughing I cleaned up my battle wounds, calmed down Theo and bribed him with a dinosaur at the gift shop to ease the embarrassment.
I'll tell you one thing though, I was never the kind of girl to do the walk of shame in college, but those steps out of the bathroom felt like I was in a spotlight. I imagine that's the same feeling, right? I had literally never wished more that I had brought a change of clothes so I could be a tad incognito.
Luckily the rest of the day wasn't quite so emotional, that is until we saw the exhibit about children in civil rights, the holocaust and that fought AIDS battles, now that was emotional, and we moved on getting lost in the pure awesomeness that is the Indy Children's Museum.
Here are some Iphone pics from the day (only the very best for my readers). Actually it's pretty lucky that  I didn't bring the expensive camera, it probably would have been crushed in the great fall of 2013.


Dino Digs, Water Play, Music rooms, Glass exhibits, climbing, Trains, Cars, Avatar...OH my!
All in all it was the bees knees, and I was totally enamored with the lady at the gift shop making Rainbow Loom bracelets, I mean, that lady was at work...why did I not study history in college?
And that my friends was our trip to the museum. Bloody knees and all.

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