Squeezing out the last little drops of summer.

We took a trip to The Beach.

The Beach waterpark, that is.

We live in Ohio for crying out loud. Lake Erie is too far, and you only swim in the Ohio if someone is chasing you. Even then, I'd probably give myself up. That muddy water ain't worth it. No way jose.

So this hellish heatwave brought us one last excuse to dust off those bathing suits and lather up the SPF, for some fun in the sun. Memaw was in town, so naturally we had to hit up a pool, that Memaw is a water bug if I've ever met one.  It was a perfect day to catch some waves and some man made surf.

Speaking of the surf, the whole experience was pretty terrifying for me actually. Theo is super great at pools. He understands the limits and he doesn't test them. He's fully aware that if he heads in to the water without his floaty, that he will sink to the bottom. He's logical and a great listener when we go swimming.

But Elliot. Oh that Elliot. He has NO fear I tell you. Absolutely none. That boy will walk into the water deeper than his head, and come up smiling. In fact, his favorite activity was running into the zero entry and going head first into the chest deep water. Every time I would pull him up, and every time he would look at me, with his soaked little face and say "MIMMING  ma-mee"! No sputtering, coughing or anything. Just one big fat anxiety attack for mama. I swear, this must be how Johnny Knoxville's mom felt. I have a feeling that Elliot will totally want to  join the cast of Nitro Circus someday. No fear on that one.

The weather was beautiful, the sun was shining and it was a day of perfection, if I do say so myself.

Bonus...no one got a touch of sunburn either. X for the win I tell you!

In other happenings, we had the fan favorite "Meet the Teacher night". Turns out, not only are we the slacker parents that were late on the first payment (they really need to use actual due dates in their paperwork), but someone who shall remain nameless accidentally left the paperwork on the hot stove. Yup, we are those people turning in charred, barely visible paperwork, and acting like we have our crap together. I think we should get an Academy Award for even attempting to be normal...at least a nomination, ya?

Since we are in total Back to School mode (the backpack has already been purchased...this is happening), I had my obligatory first time school parent meltdown last night. Complete with the whole "I have a bad feeling, about this, maybe we shouldn't do it" dialog. You know, the whole shebang. Maybe it was the 2 hour allergy appointments that solidified that Theo is still allergic to eggs, and now possibly milk, or reading this article about the 13 year old girl who died from a peanut allergy reaction, but I'm feeling very on edge about this whole school business. I've seen my child have a horrible reaction. That fear is very real to me, and it just seems like the perception of allergy parents is that they are overreacting. The truth of the matter is that it is life and death, so before you bring that batch of cupcakes or Rice Krispy treats stop and think, is this worth a life? Chances are the answer is a no, and if it isn't well then your priorities are seriously messed up.

But Theo woke up this morning excitedly asking me "Is it school day yet", so as scared as I am, I can't deprive him of growing up. Besides, we can always decided to home school if it doesn't work out, am I rite? I mean,  I look really good in long denim skirts and isn't that half the battle?

So if you really wouldn't mind,  please say a few prayers that I survive this back to school nonsense, and please spread the word about the seriousness of allergies. It's the least we can all do for this labor day weekend. Seriously, take a break from all that non-labor. Relaxing is freaking exhausting.

Hang loose dudes and dudettes. Until next time.


  1. At the schools where I've worked they are pretty good about keeping kids with allergies away from the foods they're allergic to. If a kid has an allergy they actually put up a sign that says "Peanut Free Zone" (or whatever the allergy is) and clearly screen all the food that comes in, and the kids with peanut allergies have a separate table to sit at in the cafeteria. (That part actually seems kind of sad to me because the peanut free table is like an island on the other side of the cafeteria... but it is only for 20 minutes I guess, and then they can all go play together!)

  2. My 3 year old started preschool last week. 2 days a week - and she wants to go the other 5 days too. She. Loves. It.

    There's a child with a severe peanut allergy in her class. We pack lunches, so I've been scanning ingredient lists to make sure no nuts sneak their way in. I've even been excluding stuff produced in facilities that also process nuts. I don't know if I have to, but it just seems like a good idea.

    My MIL though...oh my MIL. Her response was "well that's stupid, she shouldn't have to not eat PB because another kid is allergic." Head. Desk. It's not really *that much* of an inconvenience for me. I think that's a bit of a generational thing though.

    Have you had any luck finding nut-free granola bars? I'm making these tomorrow because I haven't found any that are nut-free. http://pinterest.com/pin/25966135325237805/