Review: Green Bean Delivery.

Okay local yoakles.

Sometimes living in Southwest Ohio, it's hard to remember that Ohio is actually an agricultural state (what with all of the booming suburbs and all),and is capable of growing some pretty delicious foods.

Now when I go to the grocery, I go armed with my list, and my pen to cross said items off of the list. I do tend to veer off of the list occasionally, but never do I find myself veering in the fruit or veggie sections. Frankly, unknown produce kinda scares the willies out of me. How do you cook it? What do you do with it? What parts am I actually supposed to eat?

Enter Green Bean Delivery; organic produce and natural groceries. This is a program that is available in Ohio (Columbus, Dayton and, Cincinnati) and Northern Kentucky. Green Bean is a delivery service, that brings local, organically grown produce to your doorstep.

The process is so easy, first you go online to their website (http://www.greenbeandelivery.com/) and select your location.

After you select your location, you will then be directed to the online portal, where you can see everything from delivery schedules, to the regions covered by this service. Then comes the fun part...shopping in the online store! The cool thing about Green Bean Delivery is that they not only deliver produce, but they are a full service organic delivery store! You can order frozen meals, dairy or non-dairy products, or even pet food...all organic, of course!

I chose to order the small produce bin, which says it feeds 2-4 people. I stand by the fact that they mean 4 adults, because it was so full!

Not pictured; the Red Grapes that my boys immediately hijacked for me to clean so they could eat them. 

Nothing about it was small. In my bin there were:

1 bunch of Broccoli
4 ears of Corn
1 lb. of Green Beans
2 Vidalia Onions 
2 Mangos 
5 Peaches
1 Cucumber
1 Green Pepper
1 pint of Blueberries
1 lb. of Grapes
1 bunch Romaine Lettuce

Talk about awesome right? The even cooler thing is that in the online store you can customize exactly what you receive up until the Monday before you receive it! For instance, if your family doesn't like corn then you can substitute with something else or even double up on something that they do like. Gotta love choices right?But what happens if you forget to customize your basket and you end up with something that you have no idea what to do with (ie. rutabagas)? They have their very own online recipes to give you ideas and get you over the fear. These people have totally thought of everything, amIrite?

The normal cost for a small produce bin is $35 , which you can have delivered year round weekly, or bi-weekly , but since Green Bean Delivery is so rad, they've given me a promo code to share with you for $15.00 off of  your first bin when you enter 15TJEml at checkout!

Go and grab your $20.00 bin now, because healthy food is delicious food. 

^^ This is a sponsored post, and the promo code expires Aug. 16th so hurry hurry! Also Green Bean allows you to cancel your subscription at any time free of charge (as long as it's done before noon the Monday of the delivery week). Enjoy,  ladies and gents!


  1. Very cool!! I wish they delivered up to Toledo :( Would so use something like this!

    1. I know right? Its perfect for me, since I'm the laziest shopper ever. Maybe they'll get one up there! Thanks for reading!

  2. I tried their service a few months ago and was impressed with it. Great review!