Ready for a Monday

Sometimes I'm just ready for a Monday. A fresh start. A brand spankin' new week. .

Today is that day. 

Last week was a doozie I tell you. DOO. ZIE.  Seriously, I have the worst case of stress acne to prove it. This acne is legit. I'm pretty sure it listens to Limp Bizkit and punches holes in drywall. Stress acne and Teenage angst acne are basically the same thing on my face. Come on Proactiv, do your thing, I mean I'm no Julianna Hough, but it's not crazy to expect results right? 

All of this pizza face started because of last week. Remember last weekend? The DIY pergola project? Well it wasn't exactly finished last weekend, so the project carried over to Tuesday.  Quick Note: major projects shouldn't be attempted after a day of hard work at the office. Especially when an accident prone person is within range of a chainsaw. To spare all of the gory details (and the picture that looks like a still shot from Dexter) the husband took a chainsaw to the arm. 12 Stitches and the knowledge that sneaking up to "help" hold something behind someone working a chainsaw is a no-no later, we are here once again doing the damn thing with the Drs. and follow ups and antibiotics. 

Shocking. Isn't it? Truth be told, I'm super happy that it was just an arm, and that it didn't cut through any major tendons, affecting his mobility. That's one thing about us accident prones, we tend to make a terrifying injury into a really amazing ordeal. 

The rest of the week contained a fever virus, some serious testing that all came back benign (hooray that pre-testing stress is pretty serious stuff too) and a MeMaw that was hospitalized for an allergic reaction to Vicodin, needless to say we've all reached our insurance deductible, and I am dreaming in co-pays.

But alas it's MONDAY, and the sunniest start to a week that I've seen in awhile, so if you'll excuse me I'll be outside with my boys playing and specifically,  Not. Getting. Injured. Ah-thank you.  

Have a glorious Monday, and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY week to my blog THE JESS ELAINE (formerly Random Blog Drama)! Friday I'll be giving away one pair of Freshly Picked Mocs to celebrate, so tell your friends, family and anyone who has little feet to cover!

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