You can bet your cookies that I feel somewhat responsible for Miley's uncomfortable behavior.

Just like every other human on the earth, I saw the Miley Cyrus performance, and since it seems like  every blogger has gotten on their soapbox to talk about how it was wrong, I feel like I am morally obligated to comment on the situation or risk losing my United States citizenship.

Since my opinion basically echos every other sentiment I've read on the internet, I just want to remind everyone that Miley Cyrus was Maxim's hottest women this year, so part of the blame has to fall on all of us.To put it mildly... when you objectify a young woman, then the only thing they learn is to objectify themselves. It's funny how that connection is often forgotten. It happens everyday in our new Godless society, so what makes this any different?

The song is gross, The lyrics are gross, and she was gross. It was all a flashback to Britney, Christina and Madonna. But what do ya'll expect from a network that banks off of Teens getting knocked up, Jersey Girls being skanks and people traveling the world or living in a house together sexing it up for entertainment?

Oh and while we're at it, let's just silence the older folks and stop pretending that MTV was ever this wholesome network, that just showed music videos. We all stayed up late without our parents knowing to catch an episode of Loveline. I mean,  who could forget Beavis and Butt head, Celebrity Deathmatch and Daria, am I right?  MTV is and always has been considered "cool" because of it's edginess. Violence, Sex and raunchy Spring Breaks have always been the a part MTV's very successful format. I just can't seem to wrap my head around why we are all so shocked that in this new era, everything has been taken to yet another unhealthy level. Heck most of their shows make me feel like I need to take a shower immediately after tuning in.  I'm looking at you, Jackass. 

So SHAME on us for even watching, and SHAME on us for being shocked by our shock and awe culture. And while we're at it, SHAME on our "major" News outlets for taking the time to report on something so silly, while our world  is falling apart and people are dying all over the world. We need to all just stop blaming Miley and Robin Thicke and everyone else that was in the room, and let's take a little bit of responsibility. WE created this. WE are the ones buying tickets, tuning in, setting our DVRs and purchasing magazines.

WE are fueling the fire and making Hollywood executives rich in the process. 

Hopefully this is a lesson to all parents who were offended so badly, to read the lyrics that your children are singing and make an effort to watch the shows that they are watching. JUST BE INVOLVED... that way, when you see someone acting out such rediculousness,  you aren't shocked to death because you already know that she was just portraying the lyrics in the song. A song  that is played on our radios over and over and topping the charts on  ITUNES purchases.

Let's just  all join hands around the world and just STOP giving it attention, and perhaps that will end the attention grabbing behavior that has sent our country into a tizzy. Let's stop glorifying sex in TV shows, movies and music. Let's STOP making young girls feel like they aren't worth anything more than a nude bikini and a foam finger. Let's STOP putting the pressure on our girls to be sexy and overly made up at such a young age.

And finally let's stop writing about it, because at the end of the day, Miley got exactly what she wanted. She made us all talk, tweet and blog our feelings about her "performance".In fact, that very "performance" got her the attention that she obviously was yearning for and her plan worked like a charm. Because here I am blogging this junk and wasting my blog space bygiving it my time and energy.

Bottom line,  WE are ALL (myself included by writing this) promoting her infamy, WE are ALL supporting her scandalous behavior and WE have ALL given her the attention that she wanted. Hook line and sinker...we fell for her shenanigans once again. And hats off to you MTV,for your award winning performance as the wide eyed and innocent the  innocent catalyst. Bravo. Bravo.

But it's Tuesday now and that happened like, two whole days ago. It seems like it's high time for this chaos to STOP, and we should stop giving it our words and feelings...just like how we don't keep giving attention to our own children's bad behavior.

So let's all come together for the greater good, you know, for our children, my eyesight, and for teddy bears everywhere, and just STOP the chatter. Let's  give the attention to the stuff that really matters in life (i.e. the *NSYNC reunion or Justin Timberlake's dreamy moves).

  Have a glorious evening... oh, but before you go...would you mind helping me off of this high horse? Frankly the altitude is giving me a headache.