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So just like everyone else on "the internets" I have been mom freaking over the informative blog post about disabling  location settings on the phone before posting pictures. Scary stuff, this whole parenting in the social media scene jive. It's definitely time that we all check our P's and Q's and make sure everything is secure. 

So tomorrow The Jess Elaine (nee Random Blog Drama) will be celebrating my blogaversary (August 16, 2011 was the day I decided that I wanted to be married to this thing and not just casually dating anymore...that anniversary was technically in May, but not serious). In honor of that I will be hosting a FRESHLY PICKED Mocc giveaway, and and be posting vintage posts like this one. You can read it with a 1977 filter and imagine me typing this on a make shift desk/ stepstool. Cause that's how I rolled back in 2011. 

Here is one of my very first blog posts, dusted off from the archives and here for your enjoyment. Oh and extra credit for the person who can guess the correct number of spelling or grammatical errors. Usually I average about 100.

My parents were/are crazy (originally posted 08/2011).

As my son Theo is getting older (14 months), I've begun to think more and more about my upbringing and about the way that my parent's explained life to me. The more that I replay my 25 years in my life the more clearly it has become to me that my parents are/were CRAZY. I'm not being hateful...I love my parents dearly (R.I.P dad) and I had the most amazing childhood but I'm quickly realizing that all of my little quirks come from the little comments that I was so used to my entire life. First of all I was an unexpected miracle baby to my parents who weren't supposed to be able to have children at all. Add that with their um ah hem "seasoned" age (40) and you get a child that was raised around mostly adults. This can be a good thing, however older adults tend to start thinking differently but basically 1 Miracle baby + 2 old parents= extremely morbid thoughts. My parents were always freaking out about all of the ways I could get hurt and potentially die. This sounds so dark but my parents would always tell me these things in a common life scenario, then go back to the conversation like nothing happened.

One day I was about 5 or 6 and I didn't want to eat dinner

Mom -"Jess you need to finish your dinner"
Jess -"No, I'm not hungry" (common answer)
Dad- "Jess you need to eat, otherwise you'll be like Karen Carpenter and you'll die"
Jess- "OK" (picks up fork and begins eating)

*For those of you who don't know Karen Carpenter was a popular singer in the 70's and 80's and tragically died from complications due to anorexia.

I'm not sure what is weirder...the fact that my parents peppered that info into my brain or the fact that it was the early 90's and as a young child I knew who Karen Carpenter was. Regardless it worked...I ate my dinner and I am here to blog about it. But sometimes I still hear that nugget of wisdom when I forget to eat breakfast or I accidentally skip a meal...usually it's to the tune of "closer to you".

**Sometimes you will see me refer to my house growing up as the 70's house. We always had weird memoribila and oddities usually found only in a time machine set for that genre. My parent's still have the framed lyrics of the Carpenter's "We've only just begun" (with a sunset and birds...how romantic) above their bed...it's a garage sale dream and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

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