A whole new world.

Finding a new park is so exciting for us. I imagine that it's the same feeling of excitement that the settlers who actually forged the rivers and survived dysentery to actually make it to Oregon via the Oregon Trail.Or at the very least, it must feel as great as flying on a magic carpet ride with Steve from Full House.

New parks are truly the stuff of dreams when you are a toddler, or the parent of toddlers. We are always in search of new places to go and things to do, because when you're a toddler, well you're a toddler and everything gets super boring about 10 minutes in. Those Toddler years are tough, no?

And speaking of tough... this little brother. He sure is tough. He literally has no fear, because if big brother can do it, then it must be safe, right? I also can't forget to mention that he is the most honest store owner you'll ever meet.  You ask for one handful of rocks and you end up with two. It's that kind heart ya'll. I spy a successful future business owner if I've ever seen one. 

And that big brother is going to drive me straight to the looney bin. My once fearful little prince is super grown up and climbing on every level...even the really big kids stuff. He also has this major gift of perfect turnout while climbing. Those dance genes sure run strong in these parts. 

But the highlight of the day is seeing these two guys pal around. They spent the entire time playing "tag 
you're it" and even when another little boy Theo's age came to play, he made sure to include "widdle brother Elliot" in every single game. They've got each other's backs, which is totally rad in my book. 

Oh and this morning I saw the very first school bus. What the heck? Along with the morning sweatshirt weather, I'm starting to think this summer stuff is donzo.

It's all bonkers I tell you. Bonkers.

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