wah wah wahhhhhhh

I've noticed that my parenting style is directly related to the amount of sleep that I get the night before.

Awake momma= fun and exciting

Tired momma= Let's watch Tangled again.

But seriously folks, NO one and I repeat NO one ever prepares you for the sheer exhaustion that parenting creates. Seriously, it's almost ridiculous how tired we all are all the time. No need to wait for the zombie apocalypse, it's already here in the form of moms with toddlers.

I hope you're stocked up on bottled water and canned goods, because I'm pretty sure that we are all just one Starbucks away from tearing a face off.

Speaking of tearing a face off, I realized that there is no worse feeling as a parent, than to see other kids being mean to your kid. Why is the world are other kids such jerks? Can someone answer this for me? Man alive, if someone would have told me that at 27 years old I would be going ape on a dad at the softball fields because his kid hit mine with a stick, I would have said "ppssshh not me. I'm going to be a cool mom " while simultaneously wearing a Juicy Couture jumpsuit and large sunglasses.But such is life. Yes, I did lose it a bit on the dad, and yes his kid never said sorry. Oh, and I may have muttered an all encompassing "douchbag" (can you call a kid a douchbag these days?) under my breath and stormed off dramatically in true Theresa Guidice fashion.

I'm not proud of it, but I stooped to the lowest of levels, motherhood does that to you I guess, and at the end of the day Theo brushed it off like nothing had happened. I wish I could be so strong and forgiving, instead of keeping my head on a swivel for a perfect stick for stick fighting instructions. My 3 year old totally schooled me in manners and temper. Guess who feels like the douchbag now hmmm?

The only thing that would make parenting any better is if we had a live studio audience in the background, making a joke of our blunders. That one would have been heavy on the wah wah wahhhhhhs and the sad 'awwwwws' topped off with the Danny Tanner problem solving piano music. I feel like I could be way more productive with a cheering section. 

Everyone makes mistakes, and I choose to share them on the internet, so you can poke fun or complain or whatever. But my hope is that you can relate, shoot even commiserate with me, because it takes a village no?

 I'm still sure, however, that at the softball fields I'll always be the mom known as the mom who calls  other peoples' kids names and stoops to the most childish of levels when tired and provoked.

Not to mention that all of this could have been prevented with a nap.

Gee Whiz I'm tired.

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  1. That guy that shot the firework off in front of the kids on the 4th got an ear full from me. He was old enough to be my dad but it didn't stop me from marching right up to him and going full on momma bear on him. I may have gotten his attention with "Hey! A**hole!"...not my finest moment but I don't really regret it either! The kids got packed up into the van and were fine watching Dino Dan while I about blew a gasket...