Tonight is going to be a HUGE night for The Jess Elaine.

Starting at 9:00 I'll be the official "Dad" wrangler as I moderate the all dude panel, as we talk Dad fashion, I'm talking to you cargo pants and New Balances.

It is going to be super fun, hilarious and of course, beer filled. Trust me when I say that you definitely DO NOT want to miss this. So put the kids in bed, put down that remote, and pop a cold one, because Thursday nights now are officially designated for Jess' Speakeasy.

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Then STAY tuned and click over to Last Call with Brittany where we will be talking trends, fashion and the cutest glasses ever, sponsored by Rivet & Sway for your chance to WIN a free pair of glasses!


These are my three choices...TUNE in tonight to see which ones I choose!

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