The great soda debate

Sometimes as a parent, this internet stuff makes me feel like a crappy knock-off version of a parent. You know, like the RC cola version to the Coke or Pepsi, what with all of the activities and Pinterest-ing ideas to stimulate and keep your children creatively thinking for 24 hours a day. Am I wrong in thinking that it seems like neglect if you aren't constantly occupying and entertaining children?

Frankly, it's a helluva lot of pressure.

it's a rainy day here in Cincinnati, and that to me totally justifies a lazy day,  on all fronts... including parenting. I mean, is it all bad for kids to just play in their pajamas, in the comfort of their own environment, while it's pouring buckets outside? Is it so bad, to let them have some much needed "time off"? Sometimes it's nice to just snuggle up with a Mickey Mouse episode and hoards of toys. Sometimes it's okay to move slow, and what a better day to teach these lessons than on a rainy day.

I mean, there are people out there who actually prefer RC Cola,  right?

Watching the rain with a blanket in hand is the perfect way to spend a Monday. 


  1. I don't see anything wrong with a little PJ action and some Mickey. Then again, I don't have kids. Then again, I thought for a second you we're debating whether or not to give them soda on a day like that. That I know for sure is a NO.

  2. One of the most important lessons I learned growing up in the middle of nowhere with access to one tv station (if it wasn't windy) was how to embrace the occasional lazy day. Sometimes, we need to just chill in our PJ's all day and be mellow. Every day should not be a contest to try to beat the day before. Some of my favorite memories from when I was little was a good Disney marathon and my mom and dad making rag strips to curl my hair and my sister's hair. Sometimes, my brother even got in on that action. It was quiet, lazy, and such a wonderful memory.