She's a persistent little booger.

My entire life, I have always been annoying.

Perhaps it's due to my membership to the exclusive generation Y. Or perhaps, it's because I was the baby of the family. Regardless I would consider myself to be persistent, pushy and very vocal.

I blame the majority of my attention neediness on the fact that my dad and brother were musicians. Yup, just like other members of my generational set I am blaming someone else. But I have a point, so just bear with me.

My dad and brother were musicians. Both played the guitar and both were very VERY talented. My mom although very musical herself, was always busy doing mom things. And I, ten years younger than my brother, was a total show off. I wanted to be the center of attention, and I was at the very least, obnoxious,  hey at least, I can admit it right?

Unlike other kids who were into TLC, Ace of Base and La Bouche, I was listening to my brother play Pantera riffs and endless Nirvana songs. Now when you are 6 and your brother is 16, there is literally no one on this earth any cooler than said big brother. At every opportunity I was bugging him, asking him to play Sega Genesis (um Mortal Combat...yes) and to teach me to play the guitar (to no avail). basically, just wanting him to think I was cool and fun, even if I had to tell him point blank, Listen brother of mine , I am cool and fun gosh darn it. 

But the problem is that he was a musician. Now, I'm not trying to create a stereotype here, but if you've ever been around a musician, they are constantly playing music. That's what makes them good, right? I totally get that, however if you've ever tried to talk to a guitarist while they are playing, you might as well be talking to a wall. Literally, it would be easier to decode braille, than to have a conversation with someone with full blown Mayer face (you know, the John Mayer guitar jam face). They are constantly nodding and shaking their head at the point where they think they are acknowledging you, then to only find out that they were channeling Ace Freely.

My childhood in a nutshell.

The only ammo to the guitar guy reaction? Persistence.

I learned from a very young age that persistence pays off. It may have taken years of yelling, standing and turning off amplifiers to be heard, but I quickly found ways to make my point known. As I've gotten older, I think that I have become somewhat less annoying, but I still have my little sister edge and I'm not afraid to stand up and make my voice be heard. Oh,  and I guess I still tattle...because that's what little sisters do.

So watch yourselves Internet. The Michelle Tanners of the world are all grown up and ready to take over.

After all, persistence pays off in the end, no?

Definitely NOT as sweet as I look. I will little sister  your ass and tell on you  in a heartbeat. 


  1. You are adorable! It was the reverse for me, I was 16, my brother was six. I like to think I made him cool!

  2. If you're annoying then you're adorable annoying. Persistence totally pays off. Nice full House reference.

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    Looking forward to connecting further.

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  3. Oh, you are so right about the persistence thing. But persistence isn't quite so difficult if you have some OCD tendencies. Hope you have a great day.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  4. Persistence does pay off. Love your blog redesign by the way. I know I am a little late but still -- it's lovely!