Mom Shorts Monday

My aversion to modeling is obvious; Theo however, is quite the natural.

Okay. So I'm pretty sure that at one time I made a full on declaration that I would never ever wear shorts EVER again. I was so adamant, I even got rid of all of my shorts, which was actually a service to society seeing as how they were all purchased pre- children, and decided that this would be the summer of maxis.

Come on! The summer of Maxis people!

But when push came to shove, I got hot. And sweaty. And swampy. And I couldn't even pretend to be happy about my choice to dress like a pioneer woman this summer.

So I caved.

But I knew that this time had to be different. Enter the 'Boyfriend" shorts from Gap. I'm pretty sure that the only boyfriend that anyone can get in these is their husband, and since they are already legally bound to like them,  it doesn't count as a pickup,  but these shorts... these shorts, are my  "fly under the radar" shorts. Where as my Hollister cutoffs would have had people thinking that I was the next cast for "Teen Mom wannabes", these shorts are for the mature chick,  who may or may not be wearing control top panty hose underneath.

I may not have much to my body, but I am pretty curvy. My bottom half doesn't really match my top half, and since I've been a dancer my entire life (not the one that my Hollister shorts suggested, by the way) I have thunderously large thighs. So naturally, I felt super uncomfortable wearing short shorts, because of the super squeeze it put on my thighs. Thigh bulge is at the top of my body hate list, and for years I just put up with it hating it and all, because that was the style and damn it I was going to force my body into those styles even if it took 2 days of fasting, and a group effort to get them off.

After all, clothing designers know what they are doing right?


Now I realize that it is my duty as a woman to actively seek out styles that compliment and fit my body, even if they are a bit off of the beaten path.Because clothing comes in all shapes and styles. Just like bodies. So I'm here to holler across the internets...

"Mint Green Mom Shorts are my Jam!"

I'm officially in love.

^^^^This is a totally un-sponsored post, I just love these shorts and I want to shout it. Or type it enthusiastically. Whatever.

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