I cooked something and it actually tasted good.

This is a moment to be celebrated.

I cooked something delicious.

Heavens ring, Angels sing, and even better yet? It wasn't hijacked from Pinterest. Nope, the Jess-meister came up with this goodie all on her own.

:::Bowing.::: Ah Thank You, Ah Thank You. 

So this all started with a trip to the local fruit and veggie stand late last week. Don't get your hopes up, it's not this quaint little lined stand, filled with baskets, and farmland as far as the eye can see, our fruit and veggie stand is in the parking lot of a Nationwide Insurance across the street from a shopping plaza and putt putt coarse.

It's all about the ambiance ladies and gents.

Regardless of the less than picturesque scene, I get a little burst of energy when I go, because it's locally grown, organic produce, even though we live in the city's limits. That excitement stuff is a double edged sword however, because it usually ends up with me buying a crap ton of stuff that I don't know how to cook so it either goes bad or I end up pickling it (me and vinegar have a healthy, loving relationship).

So long story short, I bought a squash and zucchini. Now before you make total fun of me, I have eaten squash and zucchini many, many times. Pretty much at every cookout and outdoor event. Often enough that I never felt like I needed to make it to get my fill.

Until last week. My excitement purchased a zucchini and a squash, and after figuring out exactly what type of squash it was, I decided to wait a week, until the last possible moment, and cook it. I think that was the whole mentality of well it's either rotten or I messed it up. What am I saying, I was totally going to use the rotten card if it tasted bad. I'm so transparent aren't I?

Enough squash talk, let's get in this recipe...

First, I chopped up the squash (leaving seeds in) the zucchini, and 1/4 of a vidalia onion (sweet vidalia you always gotta make me cry...retro country break) into cubes that I let simmer in water and olive oil.

Then, to appease my carnivorous husband, I chopped up some turkey bacon and fried it in a pan with another 1/4 of the vidalia onion (girl won't you tell me why...can't.stop.singing) until it was crispy.

After 40 minutes of simmering the squash, zucchini and onion (until tender) drain the water and add garlic salt, and crushed black pepper and the bacon and onion. In another pan boil pasta (we did spaghetti noodles, twas' all we had in stock) and drain.

Combine in a bowl, pour yourself a sweet tea and bask in the pure enjoyment that you:
a) made something delicious
b) survived the whole experience.

Eat, Drink, and be merry in the fact that you still have enough energy to titter your face off while watching 2 episodes of  "Guess How Much I love You", because no matter how many times you have read the book, no one on earth, is mature enough to hear "Little Nut Brown Hare" over and over. I mean seriously, I'm like a 12 year old boy under these mom jeans. 

Happy Tuesday Eve and Enjoy!