Disney owns us all and I think I'm okay with it.

So something amazing happened last night, get your mind out of the gutter, it's not what you think...

Last night, I took the plunge and gathered all of my childhood movies and brought them to my house to share with my boys. Yes, they are on VHS and yes I'll be spending the next few days adjusting the tracking on my VCR (yes we still have one of those, we are total hipsters), but it is totally all worth it to see the looks on their faces when I push play on one of these bad boys...

 This is just a teensy glimpse of the VHS goodness that I have entered into my home, it's a jolly good welcome back to the 90's you know? So don your slap bracelets and stirrup pants, we're about to get nostalgic up in here.

Growing up my parents would take us to Disney once a year, and now that I'm older and I see the cost of that, I really REALLY appreciate those trips, especially now that I'm older, busier, poorer and without a father. Those Disney memories with my dad are the best that a memory can get...it really pulls at the heart strings when I see clips of the parades or light shows (usually laser, remember this was the 90s) and the smiling faces watching them. I can't help but long for those times, riding Space Mountain and hearing his cheerful whoops of glee as we took the plunge on Splash Mountain.

But that's what Disney does best right? After all they are selling memories, not just movies or amusement park rides. And boy do they do a hell of a job, I mean they have this way of creeping into every special moment, and making it magical. No matter how cold a heart, Disney can defrost it with one verse of "When you wish upon a Star", or "A dream is a wish your heart makes". It really is the happiest place on earth, so naturally when the time came to seek out a husband, I had to find a mate who loved Disney magic as much as me,and that I did...yup, under all of that Cinci pride exterior, my hubster loves the Mouse. In fact, our first trip together before we had kids was with a group of friends to Disney world. By the way, just in case you may be wondering why a group of young adults would go to a "kiddie" place like Disney, well clearly you haven't ever tried the beers in Epcot, my friend. They are liquid gold and highly recommended from this lady.

Rare footage of us actually eating, the only thing rarer would be to actually see us eating now that we have children. 

Oh and those Turkey legs! Anyone who has ever set foot in a Renaissance festival, knows the pure unadulterated grease perfection cooked into those bird gams. They are seriously delicious. Not to mention that the hubs still has those khaki shorts as a momento, grease stain and all. 

Seriously, this may be the 3 times watching Teen Beach movie talking, but I am really itching for some Disney magic. Plus, there is no greater motivator than crazy people with strollers, and horse drawn buggies stumbling through the Florida heat, to pick up the pace and walk with a purpose, right?

Bottom line, Disney is everywhere and they own us and our memories, not to mention the music rights to every catchy song (i.e Good Life), and I think I'm okay with it... just as long as I have the opportunity to make those dreams come true for my kids, even though the innocence of them thinking that the local Disney store is "THE Disneyworld" is so darn cute and pretty darn convenient on the gas mileage. Come on Disney, You have Euro Disney, Disney World, Disney Land...Cinci Disney has a pretty great ring to it, am I right?

I mean, who would have thought that a bag of old tapes could resurface such love for a Mouse and his cult following? Oh and I may or may not be wearing my honorary Micky Mouse Club ears as I am typing this, because deep down I wish I could have been a cast member on the MMC with Ryan Gosling.

It's Disney ya'll ...they've been making adults act like children since 1928. They're Pros.

I hear-by declare for the summer Disney movie marathon to commence!

:::gavel slams:::

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