Adventure Express

And yes, in case you were wondering, that is a Kings Island reference to the most rickety slash back breaking roller coaster of all time (FYI if you haven't been to Kings Island, you are probably way more cool than I'll ever be). 

In case you couldn't tell by the sweat beads coating my typeface, it's summer. And it is hot. But that doesn't stop us from playing outside too long, staying up too late, and sleeping in. Heck, being a stay at home mom is pretty rad all the time, but in the summers, it puts professional life to shame. 

I mean, I even convinced the hubs to fill our sandbox this year! Our sandbox! Can you imagine the fun? I'm not going to sugar coat it folks, the sheer amount of sand on our patio on a daily basis is gross, but the kids love it. And by kids I mean the whole neighborhood, because we are the only nutty parents who would allow such a constant mess in the name of fun! Who would have thought that my 20 year old turtles sandbox would shake up a new generation? Obviously my mother, who saved it all these years. 

All messes aside though, walking barefoot on my paver patio through the sand is the best exfoliater on the planet. Move over pedicures, there's a new kid in town. 

Exfoliating patios, that sounds like a new rock band, no? I'd buy their album...I'm sure. 

Speaking of Patios, on our front patio is where Hubs found our first run in with nature. And empty bird's nest! The guys were seriously impressed to the point of evacuating their bikes immediatly. Bike evacuation is like leaving the highest level of candy crush...it's pretty serious stuff (by the way WORLD, please stop inviting me to play. I'm not into it. Buck up and buy your darn coins already). 

Luckily Momma bird and her babies didn't mind that we took a house tour of her abode. Pretty impressive, nature. 90%  of the time I'm not really into the whole outside thing (although I put on a pretty brave face for the guys), stuff like bird's nests and God's creatures fall in that 10%. What can I say, I'm a sucker for animals...even if I'm allergic to them all. 

My favorite thing about this summer so far, hands down, would be the fact that Theo learned to ride a bike. All on his own, one day we were just explaining how to push the pedals and voila! He got it, and just in time for our neighborhood fourth of July parade. Even in the rain, he pedaled his little heart out, with American flags stuffed into every crevice. We sure know how to decorate in these parts, and proud Americans we are, because these flags are now a permanent fixture on Theo's bike. Seriously, he won't let us move them. His "God Bless Americas" (as he calls them) are here to stay. 

Keep up the patriotism homie. 

ahhh is there anything cuter than one of the two world's cutest kids teetering down the sidewalk on a delicious summer evening? I highly doubt it. 

Summer is here to stay folks, and I'm digging it , that is, until we run out of sand. Then I'm sure all hell will break loose, and you'll see me pedaling for the border, or possibly Lowe's to restock. Either way, this summer stuff has my full permission to stay for awhile.

Even if I am single-handedly keeping Secret deodorant in business. 

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