I haven't blogged in forever.


I feel like it's been forever and a day since my fingers have tap tapped this keyboard.

This writer's block stuff is legit.

L-E-G-I-T. I tell you.

Oh well. I'm sure the drought will end soon and I will flood you with the crazy stories of my existence, like how I had an all by myself celebration when I found out that the Civil Wars were re-uniting, and how I've spent the last 2 weeks teaching dance camp and hearing all about how Instagram ruined the lives of 13 year olds by adding video (they have a point I guess...It's not Vine, um hello). Interesting and important details you know, the kind of stuff that will have you hanging off of your seat.

Until that post makes it's way into my foggy and very tired brain and out on my very broken letters-picked-off keyboard (darn toddlers), I'l leave you with this little nugget of information.

I'll be sitting on the panel AGAIN, tonight (seriously, I cannot believe that Brittany Herself thinks I am cool enough, mind you INTERESTING enough to grace her presence week after week) talking about true Lady Business and Lady parts. But don't get it twisted, it's not safe for work and DEFINITELY not safe for the tween set, so set your parental settings and grab a drink. It's going to be epic.EPIC I tell you.

Here's the link...watch live at 10!

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  1. I thought I had writer's block for like... three years. But it turns out, I'm just lazy. Typing is hard. What I'm really looking for is some kind of intern that I can dictate my posts to while I sip on a glass of bourbon. Of course, I'll need to stock up on ascots first and perfect a British accent. Either way, looking forward to your next post!